The Bachelorette Episode 6 Recap

It’s the first full episode of only Tayshia this season! Rejoice! The world is healing we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is 2020.

No Clare, no Dale just pure Bachelorette drama with one Bachelorette that we can all get behind and root for.

Notice how I snuck in the noun drama? Because guess what we have a ton of drama this episode!

And finally this drama was not spurred on or basically started by Clare or Dale. It was the men fighting to prove who is the most “grown ass” out of each other who started it.

Let’s get to the tea and receipts of this week’s episode shall we?

The Grown Ass Man Test

So the episode begins with a group date with Tayshia for the men to prove to her that they are grown ass men.

That phrase was tossed around way too much and way too lightly this episode, like people who call the number one starting pitcher on a baseball team an “ace.”

No an ace is a guy who is literally a shut down pitcher every five days he takes the ball. A Jacob deGrom, Shane Bieber or Gerrit Cole. Not Andrew Heaney of the LA Angels just because he is their number one on that team with his 4.46 ERA and 4-3 record.

Okay sorry back to the show, that’s a contentious topic with me that I am passionate about. But The date has a few dynamics to it.

First is an aptitude test. Basically a reality TV show version of the SAT’s or the Wonderlic test at the NFL Combine. And the biggest plot twist of all time. Bennett, Mr. Harvard University. The walking, talking embodiment of Cambridge, Mass does not do well.

What in the holy Crimson name of Jeremy Lin is going on here?

Full disclosure I have a cousin who goes to Harvard. She’s awesome and she has officially re-taken sole possession of number one in my “Harvard People I Know Power Rankings.” Bennett held the lead for a couple of weeks but she’s back at the top. Good job Cammy.

The next part of the group date is a tug of war between the guys to which Bennett opts out because of a football injury? It’s actually not our first injury opt out of the night either.

So Bennett is struggling heading into the third and final part of the group date, breakfast in bed. It’s not looking promising for our favorite mans. Even Tayshia said out loud that Bennett had been a disappointment.

But in classic Bennett fashion he turns on the charm and turns up the notch to unsafe levels of class and suave.

This was a master piece by Bennett. While everyone makes Tayshia breakfast and serves it to her in bed. Some guys come out with Mimosas. Others like Ed did push ups with Tayshia, remember that for later.

Chasen has the biggest eye roll moment of the date, he doesn’t make breakfast for Tayshia instead taking off his shirt claiming that his body is the feast.

Okay…. Congrats good for you dude. Please remind me how are you single again?

Then Bennett wearing just a bathrobe which was pretty open to show off some healthy chest hair just dunked on everyone.

He hops in bed WITH Tayshia, under the covers which was a great move and hand fed her powered donuts. Some of these guys are making her scrambled eggs, here’s Bennett knowing sugar and sweets are the true way to a woman’s heart.

And the move worked perfectly. After disappointing through the first 2/3rds of the date Bennett turned it on at the end. Like Tim Tebow in his prime in Denver. All we remember is the end performance and it was magical.

I mean Tayshia said it best.

Two awards are handed out, first is the “Man Baby” award which is handed to Ed. Who literally has to carry around a baby for the rest of the day. Which later drama makes this hilarious.

At first you can tell Ed is like “WTF?” But then he tries to spin it as “Well this proves I have a sense of humor.” Okay pal, if you say so.

The “Grown Ass Man” award went to Bennett. They made the award a diploma. Which I mean The Bachelorette producers are undefeated.

Bennett went from all class to all cringe. He accepted the award like it was a literal award posing with Tayshia for a picture and then spins around and plants a full blown kiss on her.

Not exactly a romantic moment there Benny Boy. It wasn’t a normal environment to share a passionate kiss, it was nice but Bennett must have been feeling it after hopping in bed with her.

What Are The Right Reasons?

Big drama of this episode comes from Ed and Chasen. Although it was secretly sort of sparked by Bennett.

So move onto the cocktail party portion of the date and Bennett tries to grab Tayshia to talk to her, but she sort of dismisses that to address the men quick. After he little speech, Chasen grabs her over Bennett to chat with her first.

Bennett takes the opportunity to sow the seeds of distrust in Chasen with the rest of the group. Mainly, his mouthpiece named Ed.

After Bennett poses the opinion that Chasen is not here for the right reasons, Ed runs full blown with that idea.

He goes and talks to Tayshia and rather than talking about how many siblings do you have or when is the appropriate time to put up Christmas decorations? Is it the first weekend snowfall of November or is it after Thanksgiving?

Full disclosure, I am definitely a post Thanksgiving guy, my ancestor William Brewster did not create the entire holiday just to see it get skipped over. And he was a Pilgrim he loved Jesus and never skipped his birthday party.

So classic he said this, he says that. Ed tells Tayshia that Chasen isn’t here for the right reasons because Chasen says the same things about her that he said about Clare.

Like wow, groundbreaking, Chasen said Clare was beautiful but now also said Tayshia is beautiful? I want a public execution of him immediately! How dare he!

Again the best part of all of this high school drama is Ed holding a baby during the entire thing. It made it feel super high school, Ed is trying to pass his Home Ec assignment while talking crap about one of his crushes suitors in the cafeteria.

Tayshia brings it up to Chasen, who says well yeah I said Clare was beautiful, but I think you are as well so now I say you’re beautiful. I am here for you.

Chasen then comes back to the group and lays into Ed. Not quite yelling but he’s pretty pissed off and tells Ed to back down and knock it off.

Here is my take on this. This “He’s not here for the right reasons” drama helps no one on either side. This is not how you play the game.

More times than not we see both guys get kicked off. Because the one is usually yes, not there for the right reasons and gets tossed from the show. But so does the other one for starting the drama. It helps neither side and just takes away from the chance to shine and rise above.

It’s like in Among Us, during an emergency meeting and you say “Okay if it’s not this color then me.” It automatically makes you sus and more times than not you both get tossed into outer space.

Full disclosure neither of them get kicked out at the rose ceremony. They both survive, perhaps by the producers design to keep the flames of drama hot.

In Memoriam

Three guys did get sent home this rose ceremony. Two of them were new guys we were introduced to last week. Montel, who tried to copy Eazy’s style with the pink suite. And Peter who was the Yosef look a like.

Again I suspect the producers here, they brought in four guys to add some life and blood feuds to the mix, they got that with Spencer last week and coming up soon, Noah. They got what they needed the other two young-in’s were expendable.

And Jay gets sent home. Not sure who he really was. But peace out buddy.


Bennett tries to redeem himself from his math test failures during the rose ceremony.

Remember he sparked the flames of this Ed/Chasen drama. Before the ceremony Chasen speaks to the group saying that he feels his character has come under attack under false pretenses.

He calls Tayshia a “smoke show.” To which Bennett is flabbergasted at the use of the word.

First he does not find it classy to call a woman a smoke show. And second Ed had challenged Chasen to use a different adjective to describe Tayshia than he had with Clare.

To which Bennett to the laughter of no one else pointed out that smoke show is technically a noun, not an adjective.

All hail Bennett Baratheon, First of his Name, Rightful King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Nouns, Alum of Harvard The Great, Wearer of Robes of the Bath and Drinker of Martinis Strong.

Wrestling With Drama

The second group date once again pits Ed and Chasen against each other.

The guys are again forced to strip and lather themselves with oil. This season is SUPER horny my goodness.

And they are suppose to wrestle each other and of course the main bout, Chasen vs. Ed.

I mean this is literally Mano a Mano for all the drama going on. Sometimes men just need to punch each other in the face and then they will come back together and apologize and be bro’s.

But Ed after getting all undressed and oiled up ready to go, at the very last second opts out of the wrestling match. Claiming he has bad shoulders and doesn’t want to end up in the hospital.

This was the same guy who during the first group date was doing push ups with Tayshia on his back.

In my opinion, Ed was scared. Chasen was fired up, ready to go. And Ed didn’t want to get shown up. I lost some respect for Ed here, gotta man up dude. This is why you won the Man Baby award and not Grown Ass Man.

The real drama for this date stems from that though. With no one to fight Chasen, Chris Harrison opens it up to the rest of the class, who wants to wrestle for Tayshia.

Noah, steps in, hopping the fence literally to wrestle Chasen. In short, Noah puts up a fight but credit to Chasen, he might not be here for the right reasons, but he kicked his ass.

Chasen wins, and the cocktail party is about to start. Harrison sends everyone who wasn’t on the date originally like Noah, home. Except…. Tayshia invites Noah to the cocktail party for “fighting for her.”

The other guys don’t like it and complain that he’s forcing himself into these dates.

But I honestly don’t see the issue. They asked for someone to step in and no one else raised a finger except for Noah. What? All of you have old football injuries?

I think if you wrestle and get body slammed a few times, you definitely deserve to go to the cocktail hour. Honestly, no complaints from me here.

Goodbye My Friend

Moving to that cocktail hour, shocker but who is the first guy to get time with Tayshia? Noah. Which of course does not sit well with any other guy on the date.

They chat, they kiss, and Tayshia tells him the mustache sucks and needs to go.

Somewhere Bennett agrees.

So Noah runs back to his room, grabs his trimmer and comes back to the date to interrupt Jordan’s time with Tayshia.

She shaves his mustache and I guess he’s hot now? I don’t know I guess I can’t see it but good for him.

But Noah describes losing his mustache as like losing a friend. He uses his mustache in the second person, thank god Bennett did not hear that. It makes it a little creepy that he thought his mustache was that great, it wasn’t and that he basically made it his identity.

And Noah gets the rose for this date because of course he does!


One awkward moment during this date however was Ben.

Ben tried an interesting strategy of waiting to be the last guy to talk to Tayshia, that way she would remember him the most. However, Ben waited too long and right before the rose was about to be handed out he asked to talk to her.

However Tayshia quickly shut him down saying he had all night to talk to her and that she was frankly pretty disappointed that he didn’t make the effort.


Episode Winner: Noah

Honestly I have to give the winner of this episode to Noah. He was able to get on a group date and cocktail party he wasn’t invited to and ended up walking away from that with a rose.

Yes he lost a mustache along the way but it earned him a compliment from Tayshia saying he was hot.

Maybe don’t tell Bennett he’s hot though, what guy would want to hear that?

Noah is this episode’s winner. I foresee issues for him down the line though, I don’t think he made himself any friends in the house.

Episode Losers: Ed and Chasen

Chasen got called out for not being there for the right reasons. And I repeat, this “right reasons” drama doesn’t get anyone anywhere. It’s drama for the show, but if you’re trying to win this game it’s a quick way to get kicked off.

Ed on the other hand is the huge loser this week. Yes he got a rose and got to stay on but. He dragged himself into this drama because Bennett basically told him to. He wimped out of the wrestling match with Chasen. Not good optics at all. And was roasted on the internet all night, honestly that’s the worst part of it.

Rough night to be Spongebob Square-Ed.

Coming Up Next

A few things to point out here, first it looks like Bennett gets a one on one date with Tayshia. Awesome! Great! More Bennett the better the episode!

But then secondly, things seem to come to a head with Noah. And it seems like it’s maybe Bennett who is the one starting that drama with him.

To which Tayshia as you can see at the end of that clip says that if they want to start drama peace out.

Should be another wild and dramatic week on the Bachelorette and as always, I will be right here to tell you what all went down.

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit/@YourFantasy_CGS)


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