The Bachelor Recap: Hometowns

We are down to a final four as we go to hometown dates in The Bachelor. Matt James apparently has his top four women to choose as a life long (six month’s like at the most) partner.

But how did the dates go and what three lucky ladies are sticking around for the fantasy suites?

Ms. Michelle

Again since we live in a pandemic Matt and the ladies are quarantined and cannot go on actual hometown dates.

Which leaves the ladies to get creative with trying to express their hometowns to Matt.

Michelle takes him for a bike ride, saying it’s a family favorite of hers in Minnesota. Very quaint and nice.

Since she is a teacher her class of youngsters zoom’s with them and grills Matt about giving her a rose and marrying her. I was waiting for one of them to ask him how is a baby made but we didn’t get that in depth.

I’ll honest, none of the dates have anything that crazy in terms of meeting the families. There is no scorned mother or over protective father. Simply just normal conversations about how the two love each other.

That being said, I liked Michelle’s family the best they seemed really nice.

And of course we also get to the point of the show where everyone is magically falling in love. Basically pulling out the big card near the end here to try and get that rose for the fantasy suite.

I don’t think she wins but Michelle right now is my favorite. Just with everything going on in the news surrounding the Bachelor, I’m guessing Rachel wins but we’ll see.

Mouth Full of Dirt

Rachel’s date was sky diving. Which seems like a super stressful date that you’d want to clear with your partner before just signing them up for it. Unless she had already asked him or whatever.

With all of the allegations and criticism surrounding Rachel this date ended up like a little bit of karma for her.

I’m not going to get super into what’s being said about her, you can type in her name into Google and find that out for yourself pretty easily. But it’s not good.

And then Chris Harrison sticking his neck out for her the way he did, did not add up, which leads me to believe she wins and he and the show are trying to save face for not doing their research.

But basically they go skydiving and she has a rough landing which leads to her getting her face shoved into the Earth’s crust.

I mean I don’t blame anyone despising Rachel. She is apparently not a good person. And yet this season has been rewarded with sticking around through homecomings and has gotten the free high end fashion with red bottoms date. A face full of dirt gives us a chuckle.

However I need to know more about her skydiving partner or what ever you call those people. The dude looks like he’s 12.

Again nothing crazy wild about Rachel’s family. Although her Dad looks like George Lopez.

Last time I saw that face was at 2:30 am when my TV started blasting the opening music to the George Lopez show.

Even if you had your television volume set at 1 this was louder than a nuclear bomb.

I can also see this. The man has some real pointy eyebrows.

It Happened?

Honestly who is Bri? I cannot for the life of me remember her. To me she is 100% forgettable. I vaguely remember her one on one date and when she got a rose last week I asked my wife “Who tf is that?”

So same thing for her hometown date. I totally zoned out, I have no clue what happened.

I saw some tweets about like her mom being cool or something? But I for the life of me cannot remember what happened.

Yeah I had no clue this happened. Totally skipped over my mind.

Matt and Bri I suppose are perfect for each other whenever they’re on screen it’s a snooze fest.

Oh Canada….

Serena is from Canada. A fact that was thrown in my face this week. The show tried to make it seem like it was such a big talking point the entire season when in fact it was not. I just found out this week.

But Serena has Matt try a bunch of different Canadian delicacies. Which outside of poutine, is just different foods covered in different maple syrups.

It’s not creative Canada it’s just what we do, dipped in maple syrup. I’m pretty sure it

If anyone’s family encounter was dramatic it was Serena’s. But not for the reason you would think.

Actually it was Serena’s sister? I think? I don’t know I don’t really care. Who pointed out to Serena that while Matt checks off her boxes in what she wants in a husband, there is something missing and Serena isn’t visibly head over heels in love with Matt.

Not My Person

The biggest shock of the episode came when Matt went to talk to Serena about how she’s feeling.

After talking to Chris Harrison about how hometown dates went he dropped in that he’s not sure where Serena’s head is at. And Chris advised that he better figure that out personally before the next rose ceremony where he has to send a girl home.

So he talks to Serena and she is very openly honest with him that while he checks off all her boxes in what she looks for in a man, he’s just not the guy for her.

That he is not her person. And in a shocking twist kicks him out of the house and walks him to the car.

I had this feeling a couple of weeks ago when the two of them had a second one on one date and it was tantric yoga. Matt was attempting to unlock the physical, intimate aspect of their relationship and Serena just wasn’t having it.

Meaning they’re great friends, but not lovers.

And that’s fine, not every relationship can evolve into that and credit to Serena for noticing that and being honest and real with Matt about it.

She could have kept playing the game, say the right things and then off screen months later dump him but she didn’t.

Tough luck for Matt though. I’m pretty sure she was his number one choice and he just lost that.

Who’s Left

Well it was a very simple rose ceremony. Three roses, three girls.

Rachel, Michelle and Bri are moving onto fantasy suite week and are the final three left for Matt to choose a wife out of.

Although in looking at previews I’m not sure Matt gets what he’s hoping for.


Okay, next week is going to be off the wall, through the roof, any other 90’s expression which means wild you can think of.

So next week we get the tell all which is going to be dramatic as hell.

Victoria is back and seems like she’s there to answer for her crimes because now Chris Harrison is also there to call her on her BS. And the other girls can unleash on her because the competition is over so they can rip her to shreds.

A few weeks ago the bad blood between new girls and the old guard was heated, and I’m guessing it didn’t cool off any time soon.

Anna has to answer for her calling Brittany an escort. MJ has to answer for her “Varsity Squad” comments. Katie has to defend herself for her being the voice of reason and Matt has to answer for that beard!

I mean wow what in the world is that beard?!?!?

Matt looks like the love child between Carlos Boozer and Lovie Smith.

No shot he’s happily engaged, that dude is single. You are not with someone with that type of beard. I shaved my face the other day down to just a mustache remaining and was immediately told no and to shave it.

As for the actual show, as I said it’s fantasy suite week. So Matt and the girls will be hooking up. And it seems like Rachel can’t handle it.

There is always one.

And again it’s one of the weirder things on this show. They ask the main person to hook up with two different women a week before he’s suppose to be engaged to another? That is 0.0% the way real life works.

It’s just so bizarre to me.

Anyways catch that recap next week it should be a doozy. I think that’s how you spell it. Doozie? I don’t know.

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