The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap

We are a month into this new season of The Bachelor. Crazy to think right?

We’ve already said goodbye to one of the favorites to win Matt’s heart. And we still have Victoria on our hands. This month of Victoria feels longer than March 2020.

Just kidding, March of 2020 is actually still happening we just don’t realize it hasn’t ended yet. Time is relative and all that.

So what happened this week? Well let’s break it down shall we?

Taking Out the Trash

We immediately pick up where we left off from last week. Sarah leaves because she cannot handle Matt dating the other women, she crashed a group date leading the other women to bully her, and her personal problems at home are weighing on her mind.

So we open on the girls learning Sarah is gone and Victoria gloating about how “The trash took itself out.”

To which our real queen, Katie, who again was the only real person who Sarah interrupted by crashing the date. And was the only person to apologize to Sarah after the fact and learned Sarah’s personal problems, stuck up for her.

She told Victoria to shut up, that insulting Sarah behind her back, after she’s left does not help anything and or anyone.

Victoria then in a surprise act, did shut up and apologized profusely.


Victoria instead doubled down, and told Katie she will not shut up and that “She can do whatever she wants.”

Ughghghghghg we have all heard that phrase said WAY too much this past year. “I can do whatever I want.” Just because you live in a free country, thanks to the hard work and genius of other great people doesn’t mean you get to wield those words around like some sort of shield.

Individual freedom does not mean freedom of consequence.

And of course, Victoria confronts Katie one on one later (honestly surprised she had the courage to do this) and asked for an apology.

And Katie straight up refused. Saying she would not apologize to Victoria. That Victoria is a bully and her mean girl act needs to stop.

Victoria does her usual dance, calling Katie toxic. I mean honestly at this point I think Victoria has been called toxic so much that she believes that’s the only other adjective to describe someone that she doesn’t like.

This is such a mismatch intellectually. Katie is a bank manager, the other thinks she is a title in an outdated monarchial system.

I wrote that, that way on purpose in case Victoria ever reads this she has no clue what I just said.

But one is an adult and the other is the farthest thing from it.

Meet the New Boss

So I talked about this briefly last week. The show was bringing on five new girls to “shake things up.” Which doesn’t make sense.

Sure they did it last season on The Bachelorette, but that’s because Tayshia was being handed half of her original choices, that made total sense.

I’m guessing the producers saw the drama that ensued from that and ran with it again.

Or as my wife predicts, they too realized Matt is actually pretty boring and needed to spice things up.

So five new girls show up, and it you would think the girls still there would take it well right?

Ha ha ha WRONG.

They freak out. Start calling themselves OG’s because they were there count it now… one, two, divide by seven and carry the one…

Three episodes, roughly like two weeks of show time before these girls. Oh yeah true veterans.

Here is my issue with hating the new girls. Simply, why? They didn’t ask to be the second wave, they are just doing as the producers tell them to.

Unless one of them insults you personally, like I guess maybe Brittany did when she walked in and said, “They wanted to save the best for last.” Then what’s the big deal?

We saw the guys on The Bachelorette take issue to the new people but that’s because they came in brash and insulting people. They then took it upon themselves to lay down the law, and then everyone except for Noah and Bennett got along.

So there are five new girls in total. Great, just as I was starting to learn names…

Brittany: who we will definitely talk about later… For bad reasons.

Michelle: another one we will talk about later. For better reasons.

Former Mss Puerto Rico: I haven’t learned her name yet. But that’s okay, episode one, Queen Katie was known as “Vibrator Girl” so we all start somewhere. Fun fact, she came in with her sash and a tiara on her head to promote this fact, and Victoria stole the crown off her head, because she’s a queen apparently.

Ryan: Honestly had to go back and rewatch this part of the episode because I couldn’t remember who the fourth of the five were. She doesn’t do anything.

Kim: poor Kim she deserved better. Out of the five new girls, Kim was the only one to get sent home without a rose.

A tip of the cap however to Kim. Seeing as she is an ICU nurse I am sure this has been a stressful year for her. As much as she deserved Bachelor fame for her sacrifice the world probably needs her more in the hospital right now.

Some “OG” girls get sent home. Like Khayla, who you might remember from night one, she drove the stick shift truck and like Matt is from North Carolina. I thought she would last awhile on nostalgia alone but I guess not.

Victoria gets a rose, surprise, surprise.

Going Nuts For Matt

First off, who in the hell is Ben Higgins? And why do all these former Bachelor’s keep coming back on the show? Do they need money?

The show keeps throwing these people at us like we’re suppose remember and go nuts because random, handsome man number five came back.

The group date is an obstacle course that has no true reward. Just some funny parts.

Like Victoria in a squirrel suit.

And they had carved out pumpkins that the girls had to row across a pond. And poor Magi just could not figure out her pumpkin.

Remember it’s not just a boulder, it’s a rock. The pioneers use to ride these babies for miles. Using pumpkins as boats however, not sure.

Services For Hire

Move onto the cocktail part of this date and we finally get a moment from the original teaser at the start of the season.

So Anna, a person who has wowed science for years by having double the normal amount of teeth in a human mouth. Says that Brittany, one of the new comers is trouble.

Brittany’s profession is “model” and both her and Anna hail from Chicago. I guess Anna got some dirt on Brittany claiming that she hangs out with the wealthy and elite of Chicago, and receives monetary compensation in exchange for certain bodily services.

There is a bunch of tension in the house now that the new girls are here. And it boils over into the cocktail party.

Matt even asks Anna if he can chat with her first. Which they begin chatting, and Brittany interrupts and asks to talk to Matt. Anna rebukes the request and says in five minutes.

Brittany comes back, Anna eventually relinquishes Matt to her but complains about it to guess who, Victoria.

It’s here where Anna brings up Brittany maybe being an escort. To which Victoria is the last person I would confide anything to but whatever.

Brittany comes back to the group to which Anna doesn’t even beat around the bush. She comes right out and accuses Brittany of being a call girl.

To which Brittany is shocked. And denies that immediately. And brings up a good point that seriously? Anna hears one person say one thing about her and she automatically assumes it’s true?

And the best apology Anna can come up with after Brittany shuts her down is “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.”


My wife was spot on about Anna the first time she saw her on episode one. She didn’t like her.

Newby Gets a One on One

This week’s one on one goes to Michelle, one of the new girls. And congrats to her.

Of course the girls hate this idea. MJ who I had high hopes for but those are quickly dwindling, says that one on one dates should be to continue to build connections, not form new ones.

Which is one of the dumber things I’ve heard on this show.

Like you MJ? You have a “strong” connection with Matt? I don’t think I’ve seen a single conversation between the two of you. So a one on one date with you would be basically a new connection.

Again there is a ton of tension in the house since the new girls are under constant fire from the veteran ones.

And here is the ironic part that makes MJ’s statement that much worse.

Matt openly says that after his date with Michelle that she was the best connection he’s had yet. And that in one date, he feels better with her than some of the girls who’ve been there for weeks.

Uh oh someone’s losing…. MJ.

Rock ’em Sock ’em

The second group date was a boxing theme.

However this was pretty disappointing seeing as it was not set up for girls who hate each other to go at it.

How Victoria skipped this date is beyond me. How did the producers miss out on a chance like this? Are you trying to tell me that America wouldn’t be glued to their televisions sets to see someone punch Victoria in the face?

Especially if they had set up Katie vs. Victoria? That’s not even The Bachelor anymore thats a pay per view fight.

Or even Anna vs. Brittany? Or MJ vs. Michelle?

So many squabbles that could have been fought out and instead we get really nothing.

Seriously re-do this date over again with Victoria in the ring against Katie, I will pay whatever you want.

Mean Girls

Move onto the cocktail portion of the night. Lot’s of tension in the house. And the veteran girls have been ripping the new ones to shreds. Acting as though being on the show a couple of weeks more makes them that much more high and mighty.

Katie stands up for the new girls. Again in a completely adult way. Saying that it’s okay to be upset and frustrated about it, but at a point it’s time to move on.

And if the shoe was on the other foot, how would it feel to be a new girl, be dumped into the show a few weeks in and not only be playing catch up, but be bullied by the other girls living there through zero fault of your own?

Well the other girls don’t really take Katies words into play, and so she takes matters into her own hands and tells Matt.

Now I believe getting into drama on this show is a one way ticket home. Even if you’re on the right side of said drama. But, Katie actually handled this as perfectly as she could.

She tells Matt there is toxicity in the house and issues with the mood. But that a statement coming from him would help smooth things over.

Also that there are rumors being spread, bad ones, that could seriously damage reputations and that he should address it.

She doesn’t name names, she doesn’t point fingers, she simply tells him there are issues and he needs to know about them.

I mean Katie is the most mature person I’ve seen on reality TV like ever.

Next Week

Cross your fingers and pray to whatever almighty being you pray to but it looks as though the mean girls are finally getting theirs.

It seems Matt does what Katie asked him to and confronts these problems head on. As we get shots of Anna crying in company with Matt saying she’s sorry.

MJ is upset telling someone “You’ve called my character into question.”

And Victoria… Ohhhhhhh Victoria. She tries to say none of her insults were malicious (surprised she knows that word), and that she was always joking. Which is what bullies say when people stand up to them. That they were just joking.

And then at the end, with her bra in full view of everyone. Seriously someone help this girl dress herself my God.

“I’m going to be physically, physically sick”

I’m going to physically, physically cheer when you GTFO.

However, if the producers were to Red Wedding us now would be the time. Somehow watch Anna and Victoria manipulate and flip Matt to kicking Katie out. Just when we thought the Starks were winning the war…

Episode Winner: Katie

I would love to give it to Michelle for being the first real connection Matt has made but…

It’s Katie again, two straight weeks she has shown over the top maturity on reality TV.

And I do believe I am the first person in human history to put those words together in that sentence.

She stuck up for Sarah after leaving to big bad Victoria. And when confronted by Icky Vikki, she stood her ground and refused to apologize.

And then later stuck up for the new girls who have done nothing wrong, but are being punished by the rest of the house for simply existing.

While also confronting Matt about the situation without involving herself in the drama by naming names. Back to back winner.

Episode Loser: Anna and Her 100,000 Teeth

BIG time loser here. Anna jumped a shark by trying to drag new comer Brittany through the mud by claiming she was an escort.

When easily denying it, Anna had nothing to fall back on, no credible sources, and floundered.

While the rumor has spread and it’s an easy one for 99% of the rest of the house to get behind because they hate the new girls, Anna feels like she’s in a good spot.

Except that we see next week Matt confronts her about it, and it doesn’t look like it goes well for her.

And the internet destroyed Anna.

I mean we can’t control what we look like. But when you act like Anna does… You leave yourself exposed to your flaws. Just be nice. It’s not hard.

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