The ACC Network is Ruining Sports

Ever since its creation in August 2019 the ACC Network has felt like a weird and forced creation.  For starters I’m not a fan of the SEC and BIG Networks and ACCN holds the same place.  However, what really grinds my gears is that even if I wanted to watch the games and support the ACCN, Comcast doesn’t offer it…

Now I don’t know if I am mad at ACCN or Comcast, but I know for a fact that I am not alone with people being disappointed in the ACCN.  They held some really decent college football games off cable so they can stream them, but once again a lot of people are unable to watch.

But the peak of streaming sports networks is during college basketball season.  Look, like five years ago if a ranked team was playing they would be televised.  ESPN, CBS, whoever would find time or a TV slot and get that game on.  No question about it.  But the ACCN has hogged a lot of decent games to themselves and now us TV viewers are stuck with low mid-major games.

So this is for you ACCN, figure it out with Comcast and get a station like SEC and BIG Networks.  You claim that you are the biggest and best college conference in the world, yet you don’t have a way that all your fans can watch.  I am a huge ACC fan and I agree that they are the best overall conference in the US, but not being able to watch certain games is tough to support.

Maybe I sound like a 60 year old, but sports is so much better on a TV than through a laptop or phone. But who knows, maybe they have something in the works to get ACCN on the TV, because there is nothing I want to watch more than Louisville-BC or ND-Wake Forrest I just can’t get enough.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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One thought on “The ACC Network is Ruining Sports

  • February 1, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    I totally agree! I live in the Southeast, the heart of ACC country and use to get a lot of games through the Raycom Sports Network, or on a local affliate…even back to the old Jefferson Pilot days…now, I get the “cherry-picked” ESPN games, showing teams not even in my area (yes, I love the ACC, but I’m not pining for a BC/Pitt game when I would rather watch NC State, UNC, or Duke…the ACC Network sucks! ESPN and their almighty power grab have forced us into watching games we don’t want to watch…unless the ACC gets a dedicated network, i.e Big Ten or SEC, I’m done with them.


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