The 76ers Ownership Met On Tuesday About Bryan Colangelo’s Future And The News Could Come Today

This guy might be the dumbest, and I mean the DUMBEST dumb idiot of all time. You have a prestigious job that people would grind for and have grinded for going on years now and you’re going to screw it up because of your blatant insecurities?

Listen, in my opinion, if you have a burner account you shouldn’t even be on Twitter. I’ll slide through with the classic argument. Nut up or shut up. Either fight with the Twitter monsters on your own account or just don’t say anything at all. Wildly simple.

Now that the Sixers ownership has already met after the completion of their law firm’s probe, Paul/Weiss, I have to guess that a decision has already been made and because it has taken a little bit of time to hear anything, my assumption is that this guy is cooked. And how could he not be? I assumed that he would be canned the moment that I read any semblance of news on this subject because the guy is rashing on his own players AND released medical information about Okafor. Like, come on, man.

What I’m saying is that I like to think the human race is generally smart. And believe me, we have some brainiacs in this world with some common sense. But this guy, who is legit in charge of all things basketball for the Sixers, is too dumb and insecure to not try and battle within the cesspool of Twitter. We’re all dummies on there. Just leave us be and no one will get hurt.

If they found the necessary evidence needed to fire the guy, there shouldn’t even be a discussion. He screwed himself here and there’s no way out of it. The Sixers were legit on the cusp of not being the laughing stock of the NBA anymore and then they find themselves tangled in this web.

Colangelo’s gotta go. And a gun to my head, I’d say the Sixers are already doing a little bit of research into who they want to bring in next and who wouldn’t roast their employees online.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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