LeBron to… Boston?

In my professional (haha) opinion, I say there is no way LeBron James goes back to Cleveland next year.

According to Stephen A. Smith, the teams among his preferred destinations this Summer include the 76ers, Lakers, Warriors, Cavaliers, Heat, and… drum roll… the Boston Celtics. Yeah. The Celtics. HUH?

Yup… Stephen A. Smith says he’s going to be meeting with the Boston Celtics. What the hell?

Don’t get me wrong, I have never been a huge fan of LeBron, but you would have to be stupid to not welcome him to Boston with open arms if given the opportunity. He’s the best player on the planet for crying out loud. Here’s the real question though, would you sacrifice one of your future assets for 3-4 good years of competing with LeBron? My honest answer is yes.

I would give up Jaylen Brown or Gordon Hayward without question for LeBron, and I love those guys. I would be iffy on Jayson Tatum, but if it meant we could get The King in Boston, it would be really hafrd to say no. He could elevate this team to another level. I don’t care if the team is competitive enough right now either because one way or another that guy is going to be in your way come playoff time. And the Celtics haven’t had luck against any of his teams since their last Finals appearance in 2009-10. Why not add him?

So while I would take LeBron in Boston without question, I’m also extremely realistic. I don’t think there’s a shot in hell he’s going to wind up signing here. For one, I’m not too sure how Kyrie would feel about it. And I also have a very hard time seeing Ainge part with any of his young guys. He loves them all way too much.

I’m sure this meeting would just wind up being for shits and giggles if it even happens. We can’t forget that LeBron met with the Phoenix Suns during his last legit free agency campaign. Sometimes, guys just meet with teams for the hell of it. I’m sure that’s all a LeBron James-Danny Ainge sit down would be.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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