Thanksgiving Football Preview

Thanksgiving, a time of year to give thanks, eat food, and watch football. There’s been a glaring issue though with that last part. Sometimes, the game’s aren’t good or they have no meaning to the playoff race. It seemed like two of the three games were going to have a lot of meaning… until it was postponed. Incase you missed it, Baltimore and Pittsburgh will not be playing tonight due to a Covid outbreak within the Baltimore Ravens. That game has been moved to Sunday. Now, there will only be two games this Thanksgiving. Only one of them has the possibility to affect the playoff race.

Houston Texans vs Detroit Lions

At 12:30 the first game will take place in Detroit as it does every year. What a complete stinker. Houston is having a bad year, and Detroit as usual is in last place in the NFC North. In all honestly, the only good part about this game is seeing DeShaun Watson. After seeing what Watson did against New England on Sunday, expect the same kind of performance again.

Watson will run all over this defense in the redzone while also throwing the ball as well. As for Detroit, Matthew Stafford needs to have a near perfect day for Detroit to hang in there with Houston. Defensively, Detroit for the most part has had a quiet year. For Detroit, tomorrow would be a chance to make noise while being in the national spotlight. Even though they basically live in the basement of the NFC North, this team is slowly, very slowly trending upwards. It’s only a matter of time when these Detroit Thanksgiving games will have meaning once again.

Washington Football Team vs Dallas Cowboys

Yes, there is a real chance we see the NFC Least will be in full effect on Thanksgiving. Oddly enough, this could be a Thanksgiving treat. We get to see Alex Smith continue his career comeback, and we (possibly) get to see hilariously horrible football. However, this game could potentially alter the NFC playoff picture slightly. If Washington wins and Philadelphia loses, Washington becomes the division leader. So in all actuality, this game is very important. It sounds weird to say but it’s true. This game gives Washington a great opportunity to show the country what they’re made of. Terry McLaurin, who many fans have already dubbed as a great player, has a chance to silence his doubters. Yes, he has them still just because he’s in Washington. This game, will now be the game of the day and all fans should pay more attention to this one compared to Houston and Detroit.

-Matt Burnett (mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 

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