It Doesn’t Take a Rocket Scientist to Know It’s Time to Fire Matt Patricia

The Detroit Lions are a football staple on Thanksgiving since 1934. It doesn’t matter what NFL team you root for, when you think of football on Turkey Day, you think of the Lions.

On Thursday afternoon, the Lions played host to the Houston Texans. DeShaun Watson and the Texans rolled into Ford Field coming off a win over the New England Patriots.

The Lions suffered a 41-25 loss to Houston, leaving the Detroit fanbase wondering how much longer will Patricia be around.

With the loss, the Lions have dropped to 4-7. Matt Patricia’s days as the head football coach in Detroit have to be numbered. Which they should be due to his lack of execution of leading this football team. Since he was hired in Detroit, Patricia has tried to be a carbon copy of his former boss. One problem, he has been the complete opposite of Bill Belichick.

Patricia isn’t showing showing he’s exactly worried about his future right now. “My focus every day is on the guys in that locker room and working as hard as I can to help those guys be successful,” said Patricia.

Rocket Man Burning Out His Fuse Up Here Alone

The Lions have ten days before their next game and the team’s general manager Bob Quinn has a big decision on his hands. The Lions aren’t going anywhere other than back to the basement in the NFC North.

There has to be zero chance that Patricia survives the next ten days let alone the season. In his four long years in Detroit, he has 13 wins as a head coach, 13!

Unless the Lions run the able and win out and finish 9-7, it is looking like he is a dead man walking.

Fell Out of Belichick’s Tree

Following the Patriots loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, the Lions hired Patricia. He was the Lions primary target during their search for a head football coach.

Patricia had spent 14 years on Belichick’s staff, where six of those seasons he was his defensive coordinator.

At this press conference where he was named head coach, Patricia would say,”I’m incredibly honored and grateful to be named head coach of the Detroit Lions.”

“This position comes with great responsibility, and I will commit every ounce of my energy to this football team, starting today. My family is excited to become part of this wonderful city that displays so much passion for their teams,” said Patricia.

The Patriot Way Only Works in New England

Players have rejected Patricia’s ability to bring the Patriots Way to Detroit. At the beginning of his tenure with the Lions, he instilled a hard nose, no nonsense approach with his team.

He would punish players in practice when they failed to do things his way. This punishment involved a lot of running which isn’t the craziest thing to demand of your players. It was clear from the get go, that trying to instill the Patricia Way alienated him from his players.

Former Patriots players who have landed in Detroit have bought into Patricia’s system and coaching style. While with the Lions, they have brought in players like Danny Amendola,Trey Flowers, Jamie Collins, Duron Harmon and Danny Shelton. These players alone haven’t been enough to try and save Patricia’s job in Detroit.

He demanded excellence but failed to relate to his players. Patricia has tried to make a genuine effort to relate to his players better since his rookie season as head coach.

Sheila Ford Should Pack His Bags Pre-Flight

There are some coaches who are hired from Belichick’s tree to become head coaches and they fail. Patricia is a good coordinator, but in Detroit he is a horrible football coach. It’s time to get the pencil out from behind your ear and leave it on your desk. It’s time to fire Patricia and bring in someone who’ll finally bring Detroit football back.

Sometimes the smartest guy in the room can actually be the dumbest.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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