Terry Rozier Should Be Traded

The Boston Celtics may have the best problem in the NBA currently; way too many great players. Their second unit consists of Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier. Sheesh! People have been critiquing the hell out of Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier for their lack of production so far this season. Jaylen has been performing great as of late, so his doubters have quieted. Terry was only able to look great again when Kyrie was out, and he was forced to make the start against the Minnesota Timberwolves. This raised to my attention the obvious point that the Celtics should trade Terry Rozier. Let’s get into why, when, and where.


Terry’s best has obviously been when he gets the starting job spotlight. That’s why all of the end of last season and playoffs Scary Terry became a household name. He thrives because he knows he is the top guy with the ball when he starts. He makes all the decisions of whether to pass or shoot. His comfort level of starting got him off to an amazing start against the Timberwolves. He set the tone with 11 first quarter points. When he’s on the bench, he’ll be subbed into the game at an awkward time where half the starters are still in and Kyrie might even still be in. His production is not at it’s peak because he is unsure how to perform. However, there is no way he can ever start ahead of Kyrie. Thus, Terry should be traded to a team where he can start and display his full ability. This will also help the Celtics because they can easily get something good in return for Scary Terry.


There is really only one true answer to this. Before the trade deadline. It may have been best to trade him at the beginning of this season, but nobody could foresee how this season would go. The trade deadline is the perfect time because it can go one of two ways. First, the good teams competing for playoffs might want to make a deal for a good starting point guard. On the other end, bad teams might want to unload their older good players in return for a young player with potential such as Terry Rozier. We have a little over a month to enjoy Scary Terry in Celtic green.


LA Clippers

I’ve narrowed down where to a team in each category I mentioned in the last section. First, a team that is contending and could use a point guard to get them over the hump. Then, a garbage team who could offload a player in return for Terry’s future. We’ll start with the Los Angeles Clippers. They are a Western Conference team at the bottom of the playoffs. Their point guard situation currently consists of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Patrick Beverley. Gilgeous-Alexander is a rookie with potential and Beverley is a defensive minded guard. Both are quality backups, but Terry is better and would start over both. The Celtics should aim to get Montrezl Harrell in a deal with the Clippers as he is a great center and could help Boston with their rebounding troubles. Side Note: Harrell and Rozier played together in college at Louisville.

Orlando Magic

The other scenario involves a bad team that could want Rozier for his young age and huge potential. The team I focused on here is the Orlando Magic. The Magic are currently only a game out of being in the playoffs, but that won’t last. They’re trash, and it’ll soon be obvious. The Magic have a shit ton of bigs and could benefit by unloading one. The Celtics NEED to make a run at Nikola Vucevic. He is a rebounding and scoring in the paint machine. His rebounding would help out the Celtics even more than Harrell could. For the Magic, they could go full out on the Mo Bamba train and give him the starting role. To boot, Orlando needs a good starting point guard and Terry Rozier would do so fucking well in Orlando. Danny Ainge, make this trade happen.

-Brandon Black

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