Antonio Brown Appearing On “The Masked Singer” During This Steelers Drama Is Unbelievable

The new show The Masked Singer that we’ve had shoved down our throats for what seems like a year now premiered last night and first off let me say, I am SHOCKED about how many people actually tuned into this. The one thing that made this show worth watching though? The appearance of Antonio Brown.

The Celtics were in the midst of blowing another massive lead–which they ended up winning–and all I saw on my Twitter timeline was “#TheMaskedSinger”. I can’t believe how many people were actually watching that show last night. What kind of an idea is this? There’s no chance that this turns into a long-running TV show. My sources, AKA people I know who watched the show, said that it was so bad that they couldn’t look away.

I don’t want to go off on a tangent here, but my God does that show look dumb. A group of celebrities guess who’s singing inside of a costume? YIKES.

So back to Antonio Brown, this goes along with what I said yesterday. I am so in on the drama half of sports and Antonio Brown is the pinnacle of petty right now in the NFL.

If you’re a football fan, guy or girl because we don’t discriminate here, you know what’s been up with Antonio Brown. There’s been turmoil inside of the Steelers locker room between himself and what seems like everybody else including their quarterback Ben Rothlisberger. There were rumors that he wants out of Pittsburgh and requested a trade but head coach Mike Tomlin said that he had not formally asked for one yet during his press conference on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Hell, there’s even speculation that this “requested” trade WILL happen this offseason.

Cue Bill Belichick.

So he doesn’t play this weekend and doesn’t show up for work on Saturday. People are clamoring for the news surrounding this guy right now. Where is he? What’s he have to say? When’s this interview with James Harrison supposedly dropping?


Again, I wasn’t watching the show but when I got the text that Antonio Brown was “The Masked Singer” I laughed out loud. This is INCREDIBLE. The guy has been making tsunami like waves around his current franchise and the NFL, and he’s showing up on this NATIONAL television show.

And it isn’t just like a regular TV show. It’s a ludicrous, uhm, competition? I genuinely don’t even know what to call this show but I am dying over this concept.

Everything about this is perfect. He’s the hot topic in the streets right now and the Steelers organization is burning from the inside out. The internet, pop culture and sports are my favorite things in the world because it brings this type of endless entertainment.

The fact that this Antonio Brown drama is only just getting started makes me so giddy. Bring the news and rumors on ALL offseason long.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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