Ten Things You Probably Missed This Week

In the past week: NFL free agency began, the entire world left the New England Patriots, the NCAA Tournament began, USC became arguably the best team to ever be left out of the 68 team field, and Tiger Woods is maybe, kinda officially back (more on that later). Rob Gronkowski posted a cryptic Insta, Lebron James dunked all over Jusuf Nurkic, and Jake Arrieta signed with the Phillies.

With everything that went on, I’m sure there were some stories that slipped through the cracks. But don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. I got you.

  1. PAC12 – Historically Bad

The PAC12 is the first major conference since 2003 to not send a team to the round of 32. You kinda had to have a feeling this was going to happen when USC got left out of the tournament. If the second place team in a conference is missing the field of 68, that typically means the conference just really sucks.

Side note: this is a really good suggestion Colin. Just fantastic.

2. Lebon James

I mean damn dude, have a little chill.

3. Lebron James Part 2

This is not funny. Don’t let the equally unfunny crying emoji fool you. If this was 2007, that’s a good comeback. At least Kyrie came back with “suck my dick”.

4. Hue Jackson

For a team that has the #1 and #4 overall picks, this is a bold statement.

5. Eric Reid

I’m so sick of this shit man. Reid can play, he’ll sign a contract. But in case he hasn’t been paying attention, let’s set the scene for him: Tyrann Mathieu (better player) is still unsigned. Kenny Vaccaro (similar to slightly worse player) is still unsigned. Pretty much every safety that was a free agent is still a free agent. Today is the beginning of day 3. Chill.

*If Reid is still unsigned in August/September, I’ll admit that he is right.

6. Junior Donald Trump

Political feelings aside, there is already a Donald Trump. And a Donald Trump Jr. This is a real power move. Also very much so not an Afghan name.

7. Tiger Woods is Back

I think.

I mean there was this:

Then there was this:

And there’s also this:

Here’s the deal with Tiger, he’s playing great, he’s healthy and he’s top 5 in tournaments. If he wins this weekend, he’s back. Idk about that whole Masters favorite though. Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas are pretty good.

8. David Backes vs. NHL Refs

Not really sure why Backes got ejected for this. Vincent Trocheck is 5’10, Backes is 6’3. Trocheck is ducking into Backes. Things happen in fast pace games. It was a minor, not a major.

Backes was suspended for 3 games last week. He faced a possible suspension for this hit. He’s unlikely to get suspeneded for it, which everyone seems to agree is the correct call. Except Jimmy Murphy.

Little pro tip for you Jimmy. If you have more comments than likes/retweets, that’s a bad tweet.

9. Crazy Baseball

That’s disgusting.

One of the best plays I’ve seen a catcher make. And probably the best I’ve ever seen from a catcher not named Yadier Molina.

10. Ninja

This guy is taking over the world. I follow him on Twitter because he’s dope at Fortnite and he gets insane kills. The clips are fire. I think the clips on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are why most people knew who he was. That all changed on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

What a squad. Unfortunately it did produce one fatality.

RIP to this guy. His mom is a savage.

-Brian Borders (@bborders12)

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