Take It or Leave It Episode #16: Cam and Jack Jump off the Wentz Wagon Before it’s too Late

In the latest installment of Take It or Leave It, Cam and Jack face the music. In perhaps the most divisive issue in the show’s history (Dak vs. Wentz) Cam and Jack have historically been Team Wentz while Dom and Connor have been on Dak’s side. After a 37-19 loss to the Rams, Carson Wentz finally put the conversation to rest and Cam and Jack were forced to surrender and join the other side. A “take surrender” that will certainly be discussed for decades to come.

Episode #16 featured a rapid fire of NFL questions through week 2, including a fill-in-the-blank segment.

Most surprising team/player? (1 good, 1 bad)

Which 2-0 team will fall off?

Which 0-2 team can rebound?

Way-too-early AFC power rankings

The Patriots have looked __

The Cowboys have looked __

__ will be the first head coach firing.

The first QB change will be __ (excl. LAC)

__’s bold prediction looks the worst right now.

The boys round out the show with an NBA segment discussing the Celtics vs. Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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