Take It or Leave It Episode #13: All Aboard the Suns Bandwagon! (lmao not really)

Take It or Leave It Episode #13 kicks-off with one of the most wild Devin Booker segments to ever be exposed to one’s ears. Connor and Dom duel in an argument that (maybe..?) had something to do with Devin Booker and the Suns. There may have been a mention of Kawhi Leonard being the king of LA mixed in there. It’s tough to say how that played into the context of the conversation but it was certainly a point in Dom’s favor. A segment for the ages won’t make sense until the sweet shouting of two friends graces the ears of the listener. It might not even make sense after listening to it. But enjoy.

Cam finds it interesting that Tom Brady is having trouble learning his new playbook after he’s tossed young receivers to the trash heap after they didn’t pick up the Patriots’ offense instantly.

The Red Sox still suck. Jack and Cam have some fun with that.

Where does Jayson Tatum fall in the top-10 of MVP finalists?

Cam declares a former No. 2 overall pick a BUST.

Dom, Connor, and Cam are moving into an apartment together soon and are in major need of smoothie recipes. Hit the Instagram and Twitter DMs with your favorite fruit and dairy concoction.

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