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Take It or Leave It Episode #10: See Ya Later, Stidham; Holy Crap, Patrick Mahomes

In Take It or Leave It episode 10 the guys start off by answering the question why Cam Newton is the newest QB1 for the New England Patriots. Cam has to face the music as he was hot on the Stidham train, ranking him #1 in his AFC East QB power rankings last episode.

Patrick Mahomes’ contract features some of the most comical numbers you’ll ever hear in sports — and he’s completely deserving of it. Jack airs out his grievances with Adam Schefter and the rest of NFL Twitter. He treats the audience to a 6:27 tirade about how Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott aren’t in the same stratosphere as Mahomes.

Well, in classic baseball fashion, it took Major League Baseball less than a week to screw up their testing system. The guys don’t remain confident that any sports will reach the finish line in 2020; especially if baseball keeps relying on mailmen to deliver their tests.

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