Notre Dame Needs To Join A Conference

As a die-hard Notre Dame fan, I’ve always said I love that they are an independent and can make whatever schedule they please. But with the current state of college football and with the BIG-10 deciding to play conference only games (which makes no sense), it leaves ND in a bad spot.

Notre Dame plays in the ACC in every other sport besides hockey (Big-10) and obviously football.  Their schedule is always comprised of mostly ACC teams. Then, there’s a few BIG-10/PAC-12 teams and the rest are easy games. But with the BIG-10 and most likely the PAC-12 moving to conference-only games that means ND is out of three games already.  I think this is a perfect time ND sucks up their pride and joins a conference. The most logical being the ACC, who’s fully prepared to help ND if college football does conference-only across the country.

But the bigger issue here is why are we moving to conference-only?  When I first heard this from the BIG-10 I thought this was stupid and very irrational.  My thought is what is the difference between traveling from Penn State to Minnesota for a game and Wisconsin and ND playing in Green Bay?  Nothing at all… You’re still getting on a plane or bus and traveling. And anyway, most of these teams have their own private planes so why do all of this?

Like if you are that worried about this virus, then just play in front of no fans. But don’t sit there and tell all of us that conference-only is the answer when it literally isn’t. I can’t say this enough but, you are still traveling to a location to play a game so why not just keep everything you had and just play with no fans.

But this also doesn’t help that the NCAA hasn’t come out with a statement saying how dumb conference-only is. Actually the NCAA hasn’t said anything in regards to… anything. I hope they can figure this out. Maybe move away from this irrational conference-only decisions they are making, and that ND finally joins a conference.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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