Take A Breath Red Sox Nation

It is one of the most exciting times of the baseball season, the Trade deadline. Moves have been flying all over the place, and there are still just about 2 hours left. Crazy moves like the Yankees adding both Gallo and Rizzo. The Blue Jays are just adding Berrios for a haul of prospects, and of course, what seems like a month ago, the Rays acquiring Nelson Cruz. So the question looms, what about the Red Sox and Red Sox nation?

Who We Got

Kyle Schwarber: Schwarber provides outfield depth and power from the left side. He will definitely be a boost to the offense once he is off the IL. Schwarber is scheduled to be on the IL for at least a couple more weeks nursing a hamstring injury. A good add for sure. Hopefully, he bounces back fine from this injury and plays a huge role for our offense going down the stretch. The rumor is that they are going to attempt to use him at 1B as well. He has only played first base one time in his career so far, so not holding my breath on that one. Schwarber also played a significant role in the Cubs 2016 World Series run, so that playoff experience and his ability to rise to the occasion will make Sox fans love him quickly. Either way, his bat is a good addition, so that we will take it.

What Is Next for Red Sox Nation?

Eric Hosmer: This name speaks for itself. Hosmer is a gamer for sure. He is 100% getting overshadowed by the high-end talent that is out in San Diego. Hosmer plays good defense at first base and is still hitting a solid .271 with eight home runs. The issue? His massive contract. He is under contract through 2025 and is still owed 60 million dollars…AFTER this year. Now, this could be a type of Dodger-Red Sox deal back in 2012, where the sox gave up Adrian Gonzalez to get rid of the massive contract Carl Crawford had. This means if this move happens id expect a high-level prospect to be coming along with Hosmer.

Kyle Gibson: Gibson is throwing the ball very well this year. He is currently rocking a solid 2.87 ERA in 113 innings pitched. Gibson would bring much-needed depth to that rotation and allow one of the backend starters to be moved to the bullpen. My guess would be Richards, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Gibson would fit in very nicely between Eovaldi and E-Rod. It also allows for the Sox to ease Chris Sale back into the rotation even further. This is a guy I think the Sox NEED to get.

Jonathan Schoop: I think one of the most underrated players on the market at the moment. Schoop can play all over the field, with most of his games coming at first and second base. Both spots are a weakness at the moment for the Red Sox. How does he hit? Very consistently. He is currently batting .283 with 17 bombs for the Tigers. Add this bat to the backend of our lineup, and I will put it up against any of the lineups in the American League.


These are just three guys that I really think are possible. Obviously, guys like Kris Bryant are still out there, and that be awesome to see, but I’m not too sure about the likelihood of that happening. All three of these possible additions would be a great help for the Sox, and I think they would fit in nicely! My personal preference would be for the Sox to add Gibson before anything else. We need pitching help. Postseason baseball is all about pitching, and we are thin there. Add a guy like Gibson, and that gives us that much more depth. Bloom, get Gibson, then bring in Schoop. Take a breath Red Sox nation; there is still time for moves to be made!

-Kevin Perdios (@kperdios15 on Twitter)

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