Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 68: Feat. Detroit Red Wings Draft Pick Jack Adams

Sorry, I completely missed this last week. Here’s episode 68 of the Legends Lingo Podcast for anyone that was wondering

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The Pro–Brady and Anti-Belichick Campaign Begins With a Documentary in 2021

Tom Brady is getting a 9 (!) part documentary made about his career exploits to this point in 2021. Coming

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How to Properly Treat a GOAT: Michael Jordan vs. Tom Brady

Me dialing 911: hello 911, I’d like to report the mistreatment of a GOAT. 911 operator: strangely specific, but can

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The Rafters Pod Ep. 32: Top 5 College Players Ever, Celtics 2019 Draft Evaluation, The Last Dance Pt. 7 & 8

  The fellas get together (virtually of course) to discuss their takeaways from the latest episodes of the hit documentary

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