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Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 68: Feat. Detroit Red Wings Draft Pick Jack Adams

Sorry, I completely missed this last week. Here’s episode 68 of the Legends Lingo Podcast for anyone that was wondering where it may have been.

Guest This Week

Our guest this week is Detroit Red Wings draft pick Jack Adams. Jack is a Boxford, MA resident, so he knows about Boston sports as well as any of us do. How did we get Jack on the podcast? Very simple, Powder played travel baseball with him back in the day. Powder reached out and Jack graciously came on with us and even stayed the whole time!

Topics Covered

With Jack, we talk and get to know him a little bit in the beginning. He gives us a look at his high school days at Malden Catholic High School and his journey to Union College. We also get personal as Jack tells us about losing his brother and the impact it had on his life. We then get into some Patriots schedule talk and wrap up with our thoughts on “The Last Dance”. It was a lot of fun to break down the Patriots schedule with everyone. Who had the best record? Was there a host or guest that had the Patriots low in win total? You’re going to have to listen to find out!

Where You Can Find Us?

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