ESPN Is Going To Kill Documentaries

It has been about two weeks since the final episode of The Last Dance aired. Now, ESPN is already ruining something great with overdoing it… once again. This is nothing against Lance Armstrong.  I think his story is great and the guy was Jordan-esq in his own sport. But ESPN, please do something right for once. No one, not a single soul asked for a Lance Armstrong documentary literally a week after you just aired one of the all-time great ESPN originals ever.

My Thoughts

I’m starting to honestly think that they just don’t know how to read a room. Like the Jordan doc was 10/10 great, must watch TV.  The fans bullied them into releasing it early and it paid off for all parties involved. But now you turn around and produce this “Lance” series that no one ever asked for.  This is where I wish remake culture just died. ESPN could have been praised with doing the Jordan doc. Leave that whole thing alone for years until they do a new one. But no, they just couldn’t help themselves. They saw the success and decided to “remake” it into a Lance Armstrong documentary.

Twitter Buzz

Of course Twitter was going to buzz about who is worthy enough to get their own 10-part series and I pray ESPN doesn’t jump the gun on it… which they kinda already did with Lance. But anyway, I saw that they are making a Tom Brady one in 2021, which come on the guy is still playing who wants to watch that?  As a Patriots fan, I might be in the minority on this but I for one don’t want to watch a Brady doc. I just don’t think it’ll be even close to The Last Dance and it’s simply because Brady is the least exciting superstar in football. Which is the problem with Lance Armstrong.  Nothing against Lance but I don’t want to watch the fucking Tour de France from like 1999 and talk about how he was the best cyclist in the world. Legit any 12 year old with a Mongoose can say the same shit.

If ESPN was to do something like The Last Dance then it has to be Tiger Woods. Plain and simple, he is the only acceptable answer. Everyone else will be to boring to watch (i.e Tom Brady).  Tiger is the perfect blend of crazy, dominant, and off the field issues a successful documentary needs. Like just imagine the episode about the drugs and Chili waitresses or the one where he trains and thinks he’s a Navy SEAL, it just sounds really interesting. I even think Jason Hehir, Director of The Last Dance, could do a Tiger one and make it just as good as Jordan’s. If Hehir could handle Jordan’s crazy ass then Tiger shouldn’t be any worse.

My Final Thoughts

But don’t make the Tiger Woods one now. Give it some time. Wait until he’s been out of the game for a few years and then bring back his dominance. It just makes my head hurt that a billion dollar sports media company consistently doesn’t think.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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