Patrick Mahomes Is Not THAT Good

Recency bias is something we all get sucked into. Especially in our modern times where we get instant gratification from

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Easy Money: Early NFL MVP Prop Bet Odds

If you’re a betting man like myself then you understand that you always double down on 11, mostly 10, sometimes

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The NFL Might Nix the One Helmet Rule

The one helmet rule has been a rule people have hated since it has been in effect. There have been

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D.K. Metcalf Reminds Us All Why He Should Have Been A First-Round Pick

In the Seattle Seahawks 17-9 NFC Wildcard victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle receiver D.K. Metcalf put on a show,

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Five Biggest Takeaways from the NFL Week 5

Here are my biggest takeaways from this week in the NFL 1. Russell Wilson should be the MVP Obviously everyone

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