Burnie and Chris Episode 28

Shouout to intern Earl! He’s the best! Anyways, it’s Burnie and Chris episode 28! How are we starting off year

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Who’s It Going to B? A Look at the Bruins’ Situation ahead of the Seattle Expansion Draft

The Stanley Cup final has come to an end and, thus, the conclusion to the abbreviated 2021 NHL season. Next

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Offseason Moves, Vegas Golden Knights Free Agency Players

The Vegas Golden Knights season ended with the Stanley Cup Semifinals series defeat against the Montreal Canadiens. Now the focus

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Restricted Free Agency in the NHL Needs to be Changed

The NHL needs to desperately change the way they do restricted free agency. After hearing nothing surrounding one of the

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NHL RFA Roundup

This is not the year to be a Restricted Free Agent. With the cap remaining static from last season, teams

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