Burnie and Chris Episode 28

Shouout to intern Earl! He’s the best! Anyways, it’s Burnie and Chris episode 28! How are we starting off year two? By talking about the fact that the SEC is turning into more than a super conference. Yes, it’s official that Oklahoma and Texas will be joining the SEC starting in 2025! However, they’re not alone. We break the news that both Clemson and Florida State are now in talks to join the conference! We next slide into baseball where Chris takes a victory lap (for the first time all year.) The Yankees somehow someway got Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo at the trade deadline. What did the Red Sox do? Not much. They acquired Kyle Schwarber, Austin Davis and Hansel Robles. Atleast they’re not the Cubs or Nationals who just traded away everyone!

In the NHL, free agency has begun! The Sharks did the best thing ever and got rid of Martin Jones. They’ve added a few free agents but nothing major according to our number one Sharks fan! The Rangers haven’t done much either! But, the Bruins have come out guns blazing in free agency and basically signed everyone and their mother’s! In the Olympics, Simone Biles removed herself for health reasons and we respect the hell out of her for doing that! US Swimming will remain dominant as Caleb Dressel made his presence known with five gold medals! Suni Lee is the next superstar of US Gymnastics and Gabby Thomas had an excellent track and field debut for the United States!

NBA free agency has started and oh my goodness! Kawhi Leonard is a free agent! Where will he end up? What about Chris Paul? Will the Celtics do anything (spoiler alert: no!) Lastly, in the NFL, training camp is underway! We review all expectations!

Topics in Burnie and Chris Episode 28

  • SEC is a super conference
  • MLB Trade deadline review
  • NHL Free agency
  • Evander Kane… yikes
  • Sharks free agency
  • Rangers free agency
  • Bruins free agency
  • Simone Biles is still the GOAT
  • Caleb Dressel’s dominance
  • Suni Lee is a superstar
  • Gabby Thomas makes her Olympic debut
  • Kawhi Leonard is a free agent
  • NBA free agency preview
  • NBA Draft review
  • Patriots training camp thoughts
  • Carson Wentz is hurt again

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