Burnie And Chris Episode 5

Welcome back to the show Al (@BigAl_2793)! Here are the topics that were discussed in this two part episode! Karen

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Verbally Committed Episode 14: Chicken Wings & Pillow Talk (Feat. Saucy Nuggs Man)

Remember that viral video last week about the guy talking about Boneless Chicken Wings? Well that's who joined us for

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An NBA 2nd Round Draft Pick Could Shift The 2020 College Basketball Landscape

*ESPN 30 for 30 voice*:  What if I told you… Luka Garza is that domino able to shift the entire

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College Hoops What-If Teams: the 2006-07 Texas Longhorns

What is a ‘College Hoops What-If Team’? Great question. The concept is rather simple. Many college sports teams have endured

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Verbally Committed: Episode 1: College Hoops March-What-If-Ness Bracket

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Verbally Committed, a college sports podcast. Your hosts Gilli and Connor hit the ground

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