Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan Still Have No Love Lost

If you’re a sports fan, you know that ESPN’s docuseries, ‘The Last Dance’, has been airing on Sundays for the

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The Rafters Pod Ep. 22: Celtics Drop Games Vs. Pistons and Bucks, Introducing a New Segment

Celtics struggle with inconsistencies as they beat NOLA and Chicago but follow that up with back to back losses against

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The Best Landing Spot for Russell Westbrook Is…

When Paul George was a free agent last offseason, people expected him to go to the Los Angeles Lakers. Instead

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It Is A Great Day To Be A Couch Guy

QUICK! Get to your couches! Sunday, April 14th is set to be a wonderful day for doing absolutely nothing other

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Blake Griffin Is A BAD Man

Last night in a 133-132 win over the 76ers, Blake Griffin dropped a whopping 50 points. He was literally on

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