Do we feel Good About the Celtics Right Now?

The Boston Celtics went into the All-Star break with an 19-17 record, winning their last 4 contests. It was good for the Celtics, as the team was starting to get criticism for their recent struggles on the court.

The Celtics are currently sitting in the 4 seed in the Eastern Conference. They are currently 3 games behind the Milwaukee Bucks. Do we feel good about this current team or do the Celtics need to make a move?

The Celtics are clearly showing that they can compete with the current team they have right now. However, is it good enough to win a championship, let alone beat the high power Brooklyn Nets? Simply, no. The team needs to make a big move. Whether its Jerami Grant with the Detroit Pistons or Harrison Barnes with the Sacramento Kings, the Celtics need to make deal.

The team might not win the deal but sometimes you need to take a risk in order to get to the destination you want to get too. The Brooklyn Nets took a risk by giving up future draft picks in order to get superstar, James Harden. They know they needed to make the move in order to increase their championship chances.

That is what the Celtics need to do in order to make a run. I am not saying the team needs to get big time star but the team could use more depth. The Celtics do already have two current all-star and an All-Star from last season, in Kemba Walker. However, the team could use another piece around those guys in order to compete with the top competitors in the NBA. We’ll see if they do it by March 25th.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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