Matty Kiwoom’s Rankings Deep Dive: Catchers and Relievers

My rankings are out now!  You can find them on the Couch Guy Sports website.  Search “Rankings” on the home

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My Top 5 Favorite Red Sox Players Of All Time

Baseball season is just around the corner. This seaon for the Red Sox… let’s face it, it’s going to be

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Burnie and Chris Episode 6

Burnie and Chris is back with another fun filled episode! Here are the topics that were discussed: The bet between

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ADP Breakdown: Players Draft Too Low in Fantasy Baseball

Draft season is quickly approaching.  Have you looked at where players are going in drafts?  You haven’t??!!  No need to

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What is YOUR Red Sox Record Predictions for 2021?

So listen everyone. I don’t know if you know this, but Spring Training is pretty much here. Pitchers and catchers

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