Suplex Biddies Episode 13: Double or Nothing Recap | WWE Releases Superstars UGH!

Welcome back to another episode of! SUPPPPLEEEXXXXX BIDDIESSSS!!!!! The Suplex Biddies podcast is brought to you by Couch Guy Sports,

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Suplex Biddies Episode 9: Monday Night Raw SUCKS! AEW Blood and Guts | Wednesday Night Wars!

Welcome to another episode of! SUPLEX BIDDIES! Suplex Biddies is presented to you by Couch Guy Sports, check out couchguysports.com

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Suplex Biddies Episode 4 AVAILABLE NOW!

Welcome back to the third episode of Suplex Biddies. The guys bring you all content you need to know about

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Couch Guy Sports Presents: Suplex Biddies (The Wrestling Podcast!)

Ladies and gentlemen! Couch Guy Sports is proud to present its newest podcast to the network, Suplex Biddies! Episode 1

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All Elite Wrestling announces talent, first show, and more

The news broke last week of a new promotion conjured up by Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, and the Young Bucks

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