Surprises in the NFL Top 100 so Far

Last night the NFL started tricking out their yearly list of the top 100 players, as voted by the players. It always starts off at 100 and they work slowly down to the number 1 spot. This year is no different, the NFL Network aired 3-hour premiere for the first 30 players. 

While no one from New England has been announced as of yet, there were four names that caught my attention as I looked through the list. (I know, the top 53 is going to be only Patriots players but I’m impatient!)

Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

A shocker to me was Josh Allen coming in at number 87. I think he deserves a spot in the top 100 but I don’t think I can get behind a spot in the top 90. I know these are voted on by the players, but Josh Allen has done nothing noteworthy in the last season. Unless you count losing to New England twice, which is always a beautiful sight if I have a say! Maybe I’m just biased against Allen because he’s QB1 of a division opponent. Allen is alright but all I ever remember after watching him play is him throwing a cannon of a deep ball that’s always way too deep and off target. 

Zach Ertz

zach ertz
Kate Frese

Two spots better, at 85, the players selected Zach Ertz. Honestly, to me, this is a little unfair. He’s been one of the top 3 tight ends in the league for a few seasons now. There is no reason that Ertz should be this low on the list after putting up 88 receptions for almost 1,000 yards and 6 touchdowns. I have a suspicion that Travis Kelce and George Kittle will rank much higher than the top 50, voting Ertz at 85 is bordering on blasphemous.

Myles Garrett

myles garrett
Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

At 80 the players, for some reason, voted in Myles Garrett. I take issue with this, big time. He was suspended indefinitely following week 10 of the regular season for using an opponent’s helmet as a weapon on said opponent’s head. He has since been reinstated by the commissioner as of February. However, a 7 game suspension for turning a piece of equipment meant to protect the head as a weapon against a person’s head isn’t enough, in my opinion.

Earl Thomas

earl thomas
Nick Wass/Associated Press

Earl Thomas clocked in at 75. I think this is a nice landing spot for Thomas. His offseason has been a bit of a rocky roller coaster, to say the last. Howbeit, after his messy departure from Seattle, it’s nice to see the safety coming into his own again and making big plays, even for a team I’m not a fan of.

I’ll be interested in seeing who the players have chosen for the remainder of their annual list. There are some big names that haven’t been seen yet. I wonder where the fan favorites will wind up.

-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

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