The NFL Should Write an Apology to Colin Kaepernick

I love the game of football, who doesn’t? The non-stop action, the big plays, the big hits. When a line opens a hole and an RB hits it full speed, he breaks away and leaves everyone in the dust, chills. Football athletes play a sport where they can show off their abilities more than any other sport. That’s why we watch it, to see things the average human can’t do. As much as I love football, I HATE the NFL. I could sit here and name a bunch of things. How the handle suspensions from something like Deflategate to severe offenses such as Tyreke Hill. Their drug policy is a joke. They allow players to pop pills like they’re Tic-Tacs, but they better not dare smoke weed. The latest and wildest thing, to me at least, is allowing players to wear initials of those fallen to systematic racism and police brutality. Now, I know you’re thinking that it’s a good thing and “better late than never” but why do we settle for that? They know what they’re doing and we need to stop letting them get away with these things. It took them 4 years and a worldwide pandemic to acknowledge any social issues.

Bottom Line

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it forever: in my life and in this time of social justice, there has never been a more peaceful and louder protest than Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. Everyone lost their shit. It was the topic of discussion on every news and sports channel WHILE sports were going on. That’s a big part of it. All this noise is being created around social issues because there are no distractions. Kap made noise while life was normal. My sister just graduated high school, 4 years just like that. She was a freshman when he first took a knee. I say that to really drive it home that it just fucking happened. All the riots and looting happened, in part, because Colin Kaepernick was not taken seriously. We need to start holding the leagues more accountable for their actions, or nonactions. The NFL needs to own up and apologize to Kap and then bring him on board to help in this department.

My Final Thoughts

It honestly baffles me how blatantly the NFL just doesn’t care. They had a player who did everything he was told to do when protesting. They blackballed him and threw him out the league only to turn around and do this. The only thing they care about is the Shield. What baffles me, even more, is that we’re just cool with it. I say all this but can’t wait to watch and play fantasy football. I guess for now we settle for small victories and keep applying pressure.

-Mike Yebba (@amikewithamic_)

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