Suplex Biddies Episode 16

Welcome back to another episode of Suplex Biddies presented to you by Couch Guy Sports! This week? We have Suplex Biddies, episode 16. Suplex Biddies is the only podcast in the world which has three mid to upper 20’s guys talking everything wrestling and WWE related. We also may crack some jokes every now and again! Sorry in advance for some of the bad jokes.

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The Crew for Suplex Biddies: Episode 16!

In this week’s episode, we have your one true host Chris Jones. Jones is also the co-host of the Chasers podcast as well as the Yellow Card Podcast. We also have DJ Diego Galvis. Diego is the main host of Yellow Card podcast as well as the assistant content director for Couch Guy Sports. Finally, we have the wrestling aficionado, Andrew Hunneman!

Content – We Want Content!

In this weeks’ episode the boys dive into breaking news as WWE continues to do their mass exodus and release more talent and staff as part of their budget cuts. Check out what the boys had to say! Then, in an effort to turn things a bit more positive, the boys dive into their Money In The Bank predictions and there are some seriously HOT takes shared by the team! Go check out episode 16 while you can!

Where to Find Them Biddies?

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