Summer of Seltzer ‘21: Nelk Boys’ Introduce Happy Dad Hard Seltzer

Please enjoy responably. 

The summer is upon us which means the sun is shining, hot dogs are on the grill and corn hole bags are being tossed. There is absolutely no time of the year better than the summer.

Whether you’re about to hit the barbecue or the beach you’ll need a cold one in your hand. The Summer of Seltzer is about to be in full swing once again.

Last year, the seltzer market offered numerous varieties from Truly to High Noon to Bud Light to only name three.

Fast forward one year later and there is even more options on the shelf for seltzer fans. Which leads me to the first seltzer review of the summer.

It’s time to crack one open for the boys and try the brand new Happy Dad Hard Seltzer.

What is Happy Dad?

Image courtesy of Happy Dad Hard Seltzer Twitter

Happy Dad is brand new to the market and it is backed by the Nelk Boys. Currently the 12-pack of seltzer is only available in select states. Due to the popularity of the Nelk Boys, people of age are flocking to their local stores or the GoPuff app to grab some.

Happy Dad seltzer offers four delicious flavors, Wild Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Pineapple, and Watermelon. Those four flavors are simple, refreshing and delicious.

What more could you want on a hot summer day?

What Happy Dad Offers?

Happy Dad isn’t your ordinary seltzer either. The typical seltzer can be found in a skinny can, not Happy Dad. The can is a man’s can, shaped like a can of beer.

On their website, Happy Dad proclaims, “Most important of all, it isn’t in a bullshit skinny can. Like c’mon, why is every hard seltzer in a shitty skinny can?”

Which is true, sometimes you want to throw a beer koozie around your drink. With Happy Dad, throw that koozie around that can.

Like most seltzer’s, Happy Dad brings you 5% alcohol with 100 of calories in each can. In addition there is only 1g of sugar, their flavors are all natural & gluten free.

But that’s not all, this seltzer is Infused with electrolytes.


The bad boys of YouTube has done it again this time in the shape of a can. The multi-million dollar empire is extremely popular, their merchandise sells at a record pace. Now, the addition of seltzer to their empire will only increase their popularity.

Depending on what part of the country your in, Happy Dad might be available. The Nelk Boys are getting their brand of booze to the market.

Image courtesy of Happy Dad Hard Seltzer Twitter

As of July 1st, Happy Dad is expected to be in Nevada, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida. Customers in Texas, New Jersey, New York, and Canada.

So depending on your summer plans with buddies at the barbecue or your gal at the beach, one thing is for certain.

Rip off your mask, bang out of work and grab a 12-pack of Happy Dad Hard Seltzer and Full Send into the summer.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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