Suddenly Yankee Fans Are AWOL

News broke today that a New York judge ordered the MLB to release a letter that appears to reveal the Yankees involved in a “serious” sign-stealing scandal. For whatever reason, the MLB played a role in covering this up, and to me, that raises even more questions. Why take months and months publicly investigating the Red Sox to find nothing ultimately. Then turn around and cover up another potential cheating scandal? I have some thoughts on why!


If you live under a rock, the Astros would have a clubhouse attendant watch a monitor steal the catcher’s sign and bang a trashcan to tell the hitter an offspeed pitch was coming. So basically, professional hitters knew precisely what was coming for three years straight. Pathetic! We all know the Astros had a target on their backs once baseball returned for their role in cheating, starting in 2017. MLB investigated and ultimately punished the Astros for their actions. They were fined 5 million dollars. Lost draft picks for 2020 and 2021. AJ Hinch is gone. Their owner, Jeff Luhnow, gone. Ultimately though, not a single player faced punishment. In other words, this is a slap on the wrist for what they did. The public and even other MLB teams RIPPED the commissioner’s office for this laughable punishment.

Public Embarrassment…AGAIN

The only logical reason for the commissioner’s office to cover this up is to avoid any further public embarrassment. The players and the public are already ripping the owner and Rob Manfred for not getting a deal in place to allow baseball to return and their general joke of how they are handling this situation. The last thing Manfred would want is for another MAJOR cheating scandal to be released about another one of his sports significant teams. Manfred people would be calling for his head if this story got out! Welp, it is out and Rob, your job is in serious jeopardy! Not because the Yankees ALSO cheated, its because you STINK as commissioner and can’t get out of your own way!


Funny how now all the Yankee fans that were previously ripping the Red Sox, are nowhere to be found! Look, I’m not bashing the Yankees because ultimately, EVERY team is probably doing this to an extent. If you are not trying to gain any slight advantage you can over your competition, you are doing it wrong. What I am bashing is how DUMB Yankee fans are. Did you all think your team wasn’t doing it as well? I mean, come on. Be better guys, be better! Also, Rob Manfred, FIGURE IT OUT.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 



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