Bears QB Reacts to Nick Foles Trade

On Friday June 12th, the Chicago Bears completed a transaction that would bring Nick Foles to their team.

Mitchell Trubisky has been their QB for the past three years and has yet to offer enough consistency to be considered a franchise QB in the making. The Chicago Bears realized this year that needed depth in the QB position and have added Nick Foles to their roster.

The Nick Foles Factor…

If Bears decide to make a trade, which QBs could they look to ...

Let’s not forget how dangerous Nick Foles can really be!

Besides being a Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles brings a lot to the table for Chicago. For starters, Nick brings an intense competition for the starting job. He added fuel to fire that Mitch Trubisky has lacked of the past two years.

The 2019 season didn’t allow for much to be seen out of Nick Foles, as the first game of the season as a Jaguar, brought him a shoulder injury, which then later was revealed to be a broken left clavicle that would put an end to his season.

In 2018, Foles was with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was named the starter in the season opener against the Falcons as Wentz was not medically cleared for action. During those two weeks he had a 1-1 record through two games with 1 TD Pass, 1 INT, and a 78.9 passer rating. Wentz came back into action in week three.

Later in the season, after having to come to the rescue basically after Wentz got injured again in week 15, Foles was paid a $1 Million bonus for playing 33% of the Eagles’ snaps and helped bring the team back into the playoff picture.

In 2017, Foles came back for a second stint which then brought him the spotlight after winning a super bowl against the G.O.A.T, Tom Brady!

So can Nick Foles bring the work needed to the Bears? Absolutely! Foles has quite the arsenal available to him, see below:

  • Cordarrelle Patterson: WR (29 years old): Ex-Patriot and extremely fast WR.
  • Anthony Miller: WR
  • David Montgomery: RB, has a decent speed and reads brilliantly rushing plays.
  • Jimmy Graham, Cole Kmet: TE. (In my opinion, these two are going to be quite the surprise for the NFC North!)

Mitch Trubisky’s Reaction…

Now, as we analyze what Nick Foles has to bring to the table and the assets available to him, you must be thinking how did Mitch react to all of this after carrying the torch for three years straight?

Well! reported by NBC Sports, Mitch was “Kind of pissed off” with the trade, but actually in a good way! He sees it as this could bring an opportunity for competition to the position and allowing him to continually improve. The Chicago Bears also shared via Twitter, Mitch’s reaction:

In Conclusion…

Personally, I see this year being an interesting one all around the NFL.

Underdog teams this year like the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, and even the Buffalo Bills could bring a lot of trouble to some of the teams in better positions this year to be the Super Bowl Champions if we have a football season this year.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)


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