Sports Superstars as Classic Disney Characters

You never know when genius will strike you.

Sometimes you wake up with a brilliant idea, sometimes you are in the shower, and sometimes you are on a run.

Even other times, you are in a boring meeting.

Today, I was in a boring meeting.

And today, I realized I must write the most important sports article since…shoot, ever?

Many have sought the pinnacle of sports analysis, but today I have found it.

Combining The Mouse with sports – specifically, which (American sports) superstars match up with whom in Disney lore.

Without further ado and scene setting, let us dive into this wonderful pool of glorious insight.

Lebron James –  Mickey Mouse

Many are going to complain about this, and I get it.

Except you are incorrect and should be silent.

Lebron is the most recognizable American athlete.

Basketball is a global game, beloved from Brooklyn to Beijing. This helps spread Lebron’s power.

He plays the most global sport and is the best, most recognizable player of that sport.

Lebron James, like Mickey, is a global symbol of something that even borders on transcending the NBA (and Disney for mickey) itself.

They are timeless icons who only grow more powerful with age.

Undeniable legends, who continue to spread influence.


Tom Brady – Donald Duck

Tom is a bit of a grump compared to many. An old man who can be maniacal in his pursuit of winning.

Donald Duck is perpetually on the point of losing his mind. He seethes for half his existence.

He and his duck teeth will tear you to shreds if you get in his way.

Poor Daisy, my guy has a huge anger issue.

Tom is unstoppable when mad.

They are also timeless classics that idk just aren’t that cool anymore.

The anger thing is played out, as is Tom’s greatness.

But they keep winning and can/will never disappear.

Alex Ovechkin – Minnie Mouse

Ovie has been one of the best in the business for a while now, but is overlooked because hockey is not as big as some of the other sports on this list here.

Likewise, Minnie has always been overshadowed by Mickey. Completely unfair.

I get it, but this guy is an all timer. Ovie is the best of his era (oh yes) but has always been less famous than some of his fellow sports icons in the USA.

Minnie should be just as iconic as Mickey and it is a travesty. It’ probably rooted in sexism, frankly.

Ovie is so likable, it is insane. He is the most likable of any of the superstars here.

He seems so nice and so cool.

Also, hockey is awesome but nothing is better than playoff hockey. Even hockey fans must come to grips with this.

Mike Trout – Goofy

Both these dudes are kind of awkward. However, it’s charming!

Both are eminently likable but are not the leading men in sports culture.

Both are absolutely the best at what they do. They are maybe the best to ever do it, but won’t get the respect.

Goofy has anchored some all time content (some better than anything mickey did, I’d say), and Mike Trout has done some similar transcendent stuff as well.

Both of these kings will forever be underrated and won’t be appreciated enough until they’re gone (which hopefully is never for both).

Mike Trout has put together some of the greatest seasons we have ever seen in the MLB. Where is the icon love?! He needs to win some, but it’s baseball not basketball.

It is a lot harder to win as a superstar in baseball than in basketball or hockey.

Put some respect on both of these guys names!

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