Someone Please Give Scottie Pippen His Tractors Back

First of all, who knew that Scottie Pippen was so big into farming?

Apparently, he and his brother own a small farm in Arkansas? That might be the most bizarre takeaway from this story for me. But seriously, who the hell steals another man’s tractor? This is probably the worst crime one man could commit on another. Whoever did this basically just stripped Scottie Pippen and his brother of their manhood. He adores those tractors. In fact, he cares about them so much that he’s even offering a $2,500 reward to whoever returns them. Anyone trying to go tractor hunting?

If you’re the sick son of a bitch who stole those tractors from Scottie Pippen and you’re reading this blog, just give them back, please. He’s a nice guy sometimes. He may be butthurt about the Golden State Warriors being better than any of his Bulls teams, but he didn’t deserve this.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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