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The speculation behind this years draft and who might end up in New England via the draft may be the biggest in years. So many people are curious what quarterback they are interested in, and who they want to take. Well I wouldn’t even be so sure they’re going to draft one, at least in the first round like a lot of people think. There could be someone late that Belichick has his eyes on. With all the drama surrounding the team, he might have a QB he hates and plans to take to sabotage the future of the team. I’m going to pretend that isn’t something that’s going on in this prediction, but almost nobody has ever really been able to predict who they want, and it might be harder than ever this year.

Kolton Miller – OT – UCLA: He seems to fall on just about everybody’s draft board as one of the Patriots first round picks. Tackle is absolutely an immediate need for this team, and he would most likely be the most talented available late in the first round. He is a mammoth at almost 6’9″ and 310 lbs. He is also one of the most athletic tackles, and protected one of the best QBs in the country last season. His only concern is his strength, with only 24 bench reps at his weight. Some great tackles are more football strong than weight room strong, so overall he checks out pretty well.

Marcus Davenport – DE/OLB – UTSA: The chances he actually falls to New England are slim, but he is my favorite pass rusher in this draft. He is just an absolute raw talent, and was almost unstoppable. He is freakishly athletic as well as large, at 6’6″ 265, and running a 2.58 40. He has such a chance to be a dominant force like Jadeveon Clowney, except without the injury history. Would love to see them maybe trade up for him.

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Josh Jackson – CB – Iowa: Every year I want the Pats to take one of the most talented CBs in the draft, and every year they don’t. So why am I predicting this? Because they still have a need at the position. What a duo Gilmore and Jackson could be going forward. Not to mention they would have the help of Jason McCourty this season. That could stack a position they have been weak at in recent years, as well as add talented youth.

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Trey Quinn – WR – SMU: Because the Pats are always looking to add to the “Aryan Attack” they could add this receiver in the middle rounds. He is on the smaller side, has quick feet and sure hands, just like every other white receiver they add to the team. However, it seems like they always add a guy like this semi early into their NFL career, so maybe they won’t draft him, and they’ll sign him in free agency in about 4 years.

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Kyle Lauletta – QB – Richmond: Who? Not Baker Mayfield, not Lamar Jackson, not even Mason Rudolph. They could pull a Redskins and draft one of these guys early and this guy later on in the draft, but I can just see him in a Patriots uniform. He is kind of awkward, kind of unknown, and said to be a natural leader. I don’t think there will ever be a “next Tom Brady” but it would not hurt to take a shot on this guy. He is a great fit for the McDaniels offense. He also has relatives (father and uncle) that played football at Navy, and he was a lacrosse guy, so he fits the Belichick mold pretty damn well. If he has a cousin at Rutgers he couldn’t be more perfect.

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-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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