Somebody Sign Jagr Please

Jaromir Jagr is still hanging around in NHL free agency and I’m mystified that no one has signed him. JAROMIR JAGR! How is this guy not signed don’t get me wrong I understand that he is 45 years old and that today’s NHL is becoming a much faster game but Jagr is still productive last season he accumulated 46 points playing in all 82 games. He’s far from done in this league in my opinion and can still be a productive role player on many teams, he can certainly help a team’s power play and could even find a home on some teams second offensive lines. I mean how can you not want this mullet?

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Florida Panthers

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Listen I’m not saying he should be getting more than a one year deal but he should at least be getting calls. He said on Twitter that he hadn’t received a single call from a GM yet. I mean come on the guy is a living legend and he put up more points last year than guys who have already been signed guys like Martin Hanzal, Patrick Sharp and Nick Bonino. All of those guys had less points than Jagr but still found new teams to sign them. Bonino and Hanzal were highly coveted free agents too and sought by multiple teams but both are less productive than Jagr.

It is still early in free agency and Jagr has plenty of time to draw interest from teams but it’s upsetting to see a guaranteed NHL Hall of Famer be without a new team considering he can still put the puck in the back of the net. Teams that could be a possible fit would be the Canadiens, the Bruins, the Sharks and Kings. I doubt Jagr would want to go to a team without a chance at the Cup, who knows maybe a reunion with the Penguins? Most of those teams are trying to fill a void in their top 6 and most are trying to do it with youth but Jagr could still be a good sign in case those youth players can’t figure it out.

Written By: Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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