Society Has Broken the NBA Dunk Contest

We’re all desensitized to the Dunk Contest now. We have professional dunkers on social media who come up with new dunks everyday for a living. Even if the big names don’t compete, we can’t expect NBA players to exceed this insane bar that’s been set by social media and previous Dunk Contests.

Let’s All Chill Out

The hilarious part about all of this: how critical we are while watching the Dunk Contest when the majority of the people watching can’t even touch the rim. It’s bizarre to think about this concept. People sit on their couch and scoff at a guy doing a between-the-legs-off-the-backboard. Meanwhile, they can barely slap the net. But hey, I guess that’s the beauty of being a sports fan.

Congrats to Obi

Now, this year obviously unfolded in a manner that wasn’t the most exciting of endings. Obi was basically guaranteed a W if he just did a routine dunk to finish up. That’s not his fault, and he still did an unreal original dunk to put the icing on the cake! Cole Anthony pulled his Dad out and windmilled in his Dad’s jersey in some Timbs. The judges reacted like he got stuffed at the rim. Come on now.

The Dunk Contest Will Rise Again

Also, Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine are at fault here. Their battle in 2016 was one for the ages. It will be topped eventually, because that’s the natural cycle of sports. Maybe we add a pro dunker instead of a rookie who the casual fan doesn’t recognize anyways? But until then, don’t be another sheep parroting Stephen A. Smith about how the Dunk Contest stinks. Instead, let’s just appreciate these freak athletes for their ability to be creative and entertaining.

-Cam Duley (Twitter: cammy_coco_)


(Featured Image Credit to fansided.com)

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