#SoccerSaturdays: Major Signings, You Do Not Want To Miss!

Welcome to another edition of #SoccerSaturdays brought to you by Couch Guy Sports.

Another week goes by and the European soccer market has gone out of control with major signings for some of the world’s best clubs. Allow me to catch you up to speed as you do not want to miss!

Newest Signings – Liverpool FC (Diogo Jota & Thiago)

You may remember hearing myself and Chris Jones sharing on the Yellow Card Podcast that we thought Liverpool may not finish in a position like last year. However, Jurgen Klopp may have heard us and he is here to prove us absolutely wrong.

Diogo Jota comes to Liverpool after a splendid spell with Nuno Espirito Santo’s Wolves. Nuno has let go of a major part on his offensive game but with the hopes that the 18 year old Fabio Silva pays off the risk that Wolves is taking. The signing comes at a perfect timing for Liverpool as they certainly needed another forward to ease the load on Firmino and Diogo is definitely that guy.

If you thought Liverpool was done… NOT QUITE

It was known to many that Thiago would be looking to leave Bayern as he wanted a new challenge.

Many sports pundits thought that Thiago would go for someone like Manchester City or United, Chelsea, Everton and maybe Liverpool. While Liverpool was thought of to get the talent, it just wasn’t thought of as of this early in the season!

Thiago will be a gigantic addition for Klupp and with Jota now added to the mix, it will not come as a surprise if we see Liverpool either getting Champions League glory or repeating the EPL title.


The Welshman is back and with a vengeance tour for sure.

If you remember well, Bale was at the top of his game with Tottenham before having to leave the club for a transfer to Real Madrid where his career peaked and then dropped like a rock in water. Now, Mourinho and Bale have already known each other for quite awhile and it seems fit for Mourinho to bring this man back to the club that saw him rise to the top. In pure Mourinho fashion, it makes absolute sense as Mourinho is one of those coaches that will light a fire under anybody and it is obvious he won’t need to do that with a Gareth Bale ready to put the world on notice.

Bayern Machine Fired Back Up!

Who here can forget the humiliating defeat Bayern Munich gave to Barcelona on the Champions League? I will be 90 years old and I can assure you that I will easily remember it as if happened the day before. You would think that a club after a phenomenal run like last years’ would slow down. Think AGAIN!

The Bundesliga returned to action yesterday. While Bayern let go off Thiago and replaced with German talisman, LeRoy Sane, the Bavarians never looked like they took their foot off the gas and they lit up the scoreboard once again.

Sane quickly found himself in home-like territory. His performance was amazing and the boy debuted with a goal out of the 8 delivered to Schalke. Bayern looks once again like a lethal force for the Bundesliga, and a final for the Champions League between Liverpool and Bayern Munich this year, should not be out of the picture. Unless of course, season injuries happen.

In Conclusion…

The soccer world is buzzing with action. Two other major leagues like the Spanish La Liga and the Serie A will get underway this weekend. As a soccer fan, you should expect to see lots of action continuing to happen and for the possibility for someone like Luis Suarez to land with Juventus as well as possible signings to take place in the Spanish League.

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~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter)

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