Shove the “Unwritten Rules”, Yermín Mercedes crushes a home run, gets called out by his out-of-touch manager Tony La Russa

If you are a baseball traditionalist, you might as well just close out this article because we’re going to agree to disagree. I am tired of the baseball “purists” complaining about how some of the players play the game in today’s age. 

Baseball has a problem, it’s struggling to grow the game. Players like Dodgers Trevor Bauer understands baseball’s problem connecting with fans. When you add “unwritten rules” into the argument of how to the game should be played is where you lose people like Bauer and me, a baseball fan. 

On Monday night, White Sox slugger Yermín Mercedes broke an “unwritten rule” in baseball which has struck a cord with his manager Tony La Russa. 

Mercedes would launch a massive ninth-inning home run off a position player during a 16-4 beatdown of the Minnesota Twins. Following the game, La Russa would call out Mercedes for hitting the home run. He would take a 3-0, 47-mph pitch deep to centerfield which the Twins announcers had a problem with. 

Following the game La Russa called out Mercedes for his home run saying he missed a sign from his third base coach. “He made a mistake. There will be a consequence he has to endure here within our family,” said La Russa.

“Unwritten Rules”

Baseball has an ‘unwritten rule book’, one of the rules within reads as follows; ‘don’t steal bases, swing at 3-0 pitches or otherwise run up the score when ahead by a large margin.”

Baseball purists would tell you that you don’t do this because you must respect your opponent. The fact that Mercedes would launch a 47-mph meatball into orbit should be celebrated and not frowned upon.

Mercedes is not a household name in baseball, in fact he is a career minor-leaguer finally getting his chance this season. He is getting an opportunity with the White Sox because of injuries and he has seized his opportunity. 

He would start the season 8-for-8, becoming the first player in the modern era since 1900 to do so. White Sox twitter immediately nicknamed Mercedes the Yermínator and fans in Chicago were excited over their new slugger. 

Yermín Mercedes Apologizes

Mercedes apologized to the Twins and his manager for breaking the “unwritten rule.” I hate that so much, Mercedes has nothing to apologize for and I know people will take issue with that statement. Quite frankly, I just don’t care.

“Unwritten Rules” are ruining baseball, not Mercedes crushing a 47-mph pitch or Fernando Tatís Jr. pimping a home run. Manager’s like La Russa who are completely out of touch with the game are ruining baseball.

I understand the argument that Mercedes failed to take a pitch like his manager told him to do. If Mercedes is going to apologize, then fine, apologize for that.

Mercedes apologizing for hitting a garbage time home run is ludicrous. The fact that Mercedes stated after the game he has no intention to change how he’ll play will garner massive respect through the game and with fans.

His out-of-touch manager who fails to read the room intends to punish the rookie. The more this unfolds, it will show how much La Russa is actually losing his clubhouse.

White Sox Tim Anderson came to defense to his teammate tweeting “The game wasn’t over! Keep doing you big daddy.”


La Russa calling out his players is the fastest way to lose his team. The White Sox season hasn’t gone exactly to plan with the injuries this team.

I have a problem with La Russa calling Mercedes “clueless”. Speaking of clueless, I wonder what the clubhouse thought when La Russa admitted he didn’t know the extra innings rules?

Back in early May, La Russa following a game admitted he was clueless on a actual written baseball rule. La Russa made a double switch and when the game got into extra innings, he didn’t know who wasn’t sure who his runner was going to be at second.

“I didn’t know that,” La Russa said,”We all thought Liam was going to be the runner. I wasn’t aware Abreu could have run, I thought it was the guy that made the last out or the spot in that order.”

Fans want to see home runs, nasty pitches and watch an enjoyable product. I don’t need ancient manager’s who have been removed from the dugout for years to tell his players you can’t hit dingers.

I’m sorry White Sox fans.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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