Is Masai Ujiri The Answer For The Celtics?

After this season, Toronto Raptors President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri’s contract ends.  If he chooses not to resign with the Raptors he will be eligible to sign elsewhere.  Let’s not forget Ujiri was the mastermind behind the trade for Kawhi Leonard which ended in the Raptors winning their first championship in 2019.

Ujiri has given mixed signals about returning and in a string of videos said he “will decide if he wants to return to the Raptors.”

After the Raptors won in 2019 he had the option to leave and head over to the Knicks for a massive pay raise and full power to rebuild.  This year, the Knicks are in the playoffs and the Raptors aren’t.  The Knicks look like a team of the future, while the Raptors are in a weird rebuild.  I think Ujiri would have been great for the Knicks but that ship as sailed.

However, I think the Boston Celtics could use a president who can bring a championship and Ujiri is that guy.  If this sad, pathetic, miserable Celtics season has taught us anything is that it is Danny Ainge’s fault for this roster.  He didn’t develop it for shit and now we have to get swept by the Nets.  I have been super critical of Ainge for years now.  I think he is the main reason we haven’t gotten to a NBA Final since 2010.  Ainge is afraid to take a huge risk to win a title.  Ainge is too “smart” for everyone else to make a trade.  All I hear as a Celtics fan are excuses for a piss poor roster.

I am not saying Ujiri can come in and totally gut the roster but he wouldn’t have been as hesitate at the trade deadline.  I also don’t think Ujiri would have let Gordon Hayward walk away for free.  I can’t believe that us Celtics fans have already forget that he let Hayward walk for free… He could have accepted Indiana’s trade but thought he could do better.

Ujiri did something that Ainge is afraid to do – trade for a championship.  I know he tried to do it with Kyrie Irving but that failed.  But Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown’s value is as high as it will ever be.  If you trade them for Bradley Beal and pair him with Tatum we are instantly better.  Another thing too that Ujiri can do that Ainge can’t – fire a coach who can’t win you a championship.  As much as I like Brad Stevens, he can’t win you a championship and that is ok to admit.

If Danny Ainge cares about this organization then maybe it is time to move on and bring in a fresh face.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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