Should The Red Sox Take A Chance With Felix Hernandez?

If there’s one name that everybody can remember when it comes to the current state of the Seattle Mariners, it is right handed pitcher Felix Hernandez. He certainly has had a Hall of Fame caliber career. Six All-Star appearances and a CY Young award in 2010 are only a few of his many accomplishments. Hernandez took the mound last night in Seattle in what could be his final start as a Mariner. It’s safe to say that Hernandez is loved by all Mariners fans.

As the video shows from Jared above, this could be “King Felix’s” final start as a Seattle Mariner. With the possibility on the table, one question can be asked at this time. Should the Red Sox pursue Felix Hernandez in the off-season?

My Opinion

Why not?! The guy has proven he can dominate lineups. He could use a fresh start somewhere else. The Red Sox have a capable offense to back him up in his bad start. Plus, you DON’T have to sign him to a long-term deal. The Red Sox could literally do a 1+1, a 1 year deal with a team option to bring him back for a second year if he performs. Rick Porcello is more than likely gone, so the Red Sox will need a right-handed starter to replace him. Also remember, this isn’t Felix Hernandez in his prime we’re talking about right now. We’re talking about a Felix Hernandez that could be toward the end of his career. You can get him on a cheap deal. Personally, I think he has a little something left in the tank. The Red Sox have had worse signings in the past, right?

The Public’s Opinion (Probably)

A lot of people would strongly disagree with me here. They would point to his ERA that has increased since 2015. Others would point out that his strikeout numbers are way down. Some might even say that Hernandez could lean more toward retirement as the off-season goes on and on. People would say, “Don’t even entertain the thought of Hernandez coming to Boston!” “He won’t last here and he’s a bum now!” But again, what do you have to lose on a short-term deal?

In Conclusion

Hernandez is more than likely done as a member of the Seattle Mariners. The Red Sox need starting pitching. They aren’t going to pursue high end starters because they’ll be counting on David Price and Chris Sale to be healthy going into 2020. If you can have Sale, Price, Eduardo Rodriguez and Nathan Eovaldi step up next year; then you’re one starter away from having a complete and deep rotation. That missing 5th starter? Why not make it Felix Hernandez? The Red Sox need to make some moves this off-season. This one could be a steal if all works out. Only time will tell what will happen with the future of Felix Hernandez and the future of the Boston Red Sox!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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