Should LeBron Actually Sign with the 76ers?

There has been a lot of speculation about where LeBron James might end up next season. And as of late, people are floating around the possibility of him winding up with the Philadelphia 76ers. This company in Philly even bought a billboard​ in hopes of recruiting him:

Out of all the realistic landing spots for LeBron this summer, I personally feel like the 76ers wouldn’t make much sense ​if he wants to win now. LeBron is 33 years old and has played the fourth-most minutes among active players in the league. He trails only Joe Johnson, Vince Carter, and Dirk Nowitzki, who all have played at least 3+ more years than him. He’s on pace to pass all of them by the time he reaches 40 (if he plays up to then), so he has some serious mileage on him. Part of me has a hard time believing Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are ready to take the next step for LeBron right away, which is going to be very important if he’s going to contend for a title with Philly. Embiid’s injury history and Simmons lack of creating for himself would also bother me big time if I were him. Don’t get me wrong, they are arguably the two most promising​ young players in the league right now, but I’m not convinced that they’re ready yet.

If LeBron wants to win now, why wouldn’t he just sign with the Rockets? James Harden and CP3 are established players in this league already and are playing at a very high level in their first year together. The only downside of playing in Houston is the fact that they’re in the same conference as the Warriors. But I think a trio of LeBron, Harden, and Chris Paul could give Golden State a serious run for their money.

While Philly will certainly have a promising future, I just don’t get why LeBron would want to go there right now. At age 33, I can’t see him benefiting short term with a team that’s built more for the future. LeBron’s impact would definitely elevate them to new heights, but I still can’t see that team beating Golden State.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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