MUST LISTEN: Chad Dukes of D.C.’s 106.7 The Fan Rips Ian Rapoport For 20 Minutes After Rap Hangs Up On Him Twice


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As a guy who loves sports talk radio and listens to it nearly 12 hours a day, this is ELECTRIC.

It’s almost unbelievable that this guy who I’ve never heard of before is able to rant and rave about Rap Sheet for this long. Listen, I’m a guy who wants to get into radio and specifically sports radio. I’ve done it for a while now bouncing around from my old college station to ESPN New Hampshire before the folded (or are folding) and I’ve learned a thing or two about the bizz.

One is that you will ALWAYS have animals who disagree with you and because they disagree, they want to make you feel like you’re dirt. Which honestly was one of my favorite parts about it. I loved diving into the mud with these beasts. You thought you would hurt my feelings? HA. Please. Not even the slightest chance you could take me down you buffoons.

The other is that you really care what the audio sounds like and what the audience is hearing. Basically, you give a crap about the product you’re putting out. And I know that sounds obvious because why wouldn’t you? I’m just saying the host cares much more than you would think.

And in saying that, I’m one million percent on Dukes’ side on this Rap situation.

The fact that Rap hung up mid-interview is insane. If you agree to do an interview you need to stick to your word and do it. That’s just courtesy and probably goes without saying. But whatever, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do if you’re about to break some major NFL news. Now it sounds like the news Rap was tending to wasn’t earth shattering but that’s here nor there. (No idea if I used that saying right)

But from what it sounds like this was the second time that Rap’s done this to this guy which is diabolical. Does Rap have something out for Dukes? I mean hell, his show name is Chad Dukes vs the World so, being apart of the world, I gotta imagine Rap’s just doing his part, right? Can you blame the guy?

Honestly though this rampage that Dukes went on is unbelievable. I’ve never once heard this guy on air before but he sounds like an insane person which usually makes for good radio. I don’t know. I’m not from D.C. but insanity makes for ratings. Hell, my favorite radio personality up here in Boston is Kirk Minihane who might actually be clinically insane.

This might go down as an all-time radio rant. Bananas.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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