Should Anthony Davis Request a Trade?

Just when we all thought the Anthony Davis rumors were starting to die down, they come back just to remind us that this conversation is never going to end until the big man winds up in a new uniform.

In a sit down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Davis shared his reaction to some recent comments made by Paul Pierce about how Kevin Garnett’s only regret in his NBA career was not coming to Boston sooner.

While these comments didn’t come directly from KG himself, we do have to remember that Garnett has shared his thoughts on the matter before. On his TNT show “Area 21”, KG shared what he thinks, and it wasn’t so far off from what Pierce had to say.

Davis’ comments on Garnett’s situation are starting to raise some eyebrows, especially mine. He made it very clear that while he does think about what it’d be like to play in a more competitive environment, he is just trying to take things year by year. Let’s start that by taking a look at this year then; DeMarcus Cousins goes down with a torn Achilles heading into a contract year. So not only is he going to miss a lot of time, but who knows if he even winds up coming back? My guess would be yes, but if I’m AD, I still think I’d ask for a trade. The next year plus without Cousins seems like a waste of time for AD if he is still in New Orleans. With only three years left on his contract, I think the benefit of going somewhere else outweighs the risk big time in this specific situation.

So where should AD request a trade? Obviously, I want to see him on the Celtics, so that’s choice number one for me. Him, Kyrie and Gordon Hayward could build something pretty special here. But outside of Boston, Davis would be an interesting fit with the Portland Trail Blazers. Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum really need help, and they have a bunch of mone dedicated to people I’m sure they’d feel comfortable moving on from (Evan Turner, $17M).

Get out while you can, AD. It’s a move you won’t regret.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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