10 Things You Probably Missed This Week

In the past week: baseball became relevant again! JD Martinez signed with the Red Sox, Eric Hosmer got PAID by the Padres, Brandon Drury is a Yankee, and the Tampa Bay Rays are trying to win a maximum of 55 games. Fun. What else happened? The slam dunk contest sucked, Devin Booker won the 3 point contest and the NBA All-Star game was fun again.

With everything that went on, I’m sure there were some stories that slipped through the cracks. But don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. I got you.

  1. NCAA Basketball is about to Implode:

This dropped yesterday night/early this morning so I don’t blame you for missing it. Just look at those names! All of these players received over $10K from ASM sports agency in an attempt to woo the players into signing with the agency prior to the draft. Dennis Smith Jr got the most money on this list, $43,500.

2. Louisville 


3. Drexel Men’s Basketball:

It was 53-19. It was 27 points at halftime. How the hell do you lose this game? Must be the curse of (elite?) Joe Flacco.

4. Steph Curry is Ridiulous:

So this isn’t really that newsworthy. Steph does this all the time


Danilo Gallinari; not impressed.

5. Vince Carter

Look man, Vince is 41 years old. Him still doing this is impressive

This is less impressive

I have no idea what’s better here. The fact that Vince thought this was a sensible shot or how long Grant Napear (Kings announcer) drags out the “CARRRRRTERRRRRRRR”

6. Troy Tulowitzki

Got ’em.

7. Justin Thomas doing Justin Thomas things

Regular golfers get an 8+ after playing those first two shots. PGA players bogey. Justin Thomas gets a birdie.

8. Olympic Update – The US Owns Canada

The US men’s curling team advanced to the gold medal match, beating tournament favorites Canada along the way. This guy should probably never tweet about curling again.

Turns out Mr. T is a big curling fan. Who knew?

Oh, and this happened. It may have been the first time since 1998, but damn was it sweet.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The game winning goal for Jocelyne Lamoureax is all sorts of Patrick Kane level filthy.

9. Frank Vatrano

See ya.

10. Tim Tebow, Future Major Leaguer

I don’t even know man.

Does the swing look better? Sure. Shorter, quicker to the ball and more compact? Yes. But the real question here is why the hell is he wearing Nike shorts and Adidas cleats? Doesn’t this dude have a sponsor?

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-Brian Borders (@bborders12)

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