Sean Payton Used an Interesting Tactic to Motivate his Players Ahead of Their Playoff Game vs. the Eagles

Talk about one of the biggest flexes of all time.

Super Bowl Champion HC Sean Payton hasn’t won a divisional round playoff game since 2009. So what did he do to try and break that spell? Oh, nothing too crazy. He just walked into his locker room with $225K cash and a Lombardi trophy to show off to his guys. Whatever, no big deal.

If we’re being serious though, I think the Saints are going to need a lot more than some money and a trophy they weren’t even a part of if they want to take down BDN and the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend. Drew Brees has been awful as of late. The offense has looked suspect. And Nick Foles is rolling into town HOT AND HEAVY. I really don’t have a good feeling about New Orleans heading into this game.

BTW, didn’t the Saints get in trouble the last time they tried to use money to motivate their players to do better? Just sayin’.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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