Saquon Barkley Will Win The Heisman

This is plain and simple, if you ask me, In my opinion I really don’t believe its close Saquon Barkley has been the best player in college football this season. He seems to just do something spectacular in every game he plays. Even in a loss, like on saturday to Ohio State he took the opening kickoff 97 yards, just to name one of the many memorable moments he has given us so far. Having so many “Pop” plays this season should help his case with the voters, who are always looking for that Heisman moment.

I really don’t think the field will give him to much resistance. Guys like Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield have been both been awesome this year but don’t really seem to have those Heisman moments like Saquon. Running backs Bryce Love from Stanford and Josh Adams from ND have both put together nice seasons but ultimately I think neither of their teams will win enough to give the extra push over the top. So based on what I feel is a weaker class of candidates then we have seen in years past, the path is really cleared for him to take the award home barring anything crazy happening down the stretch here.

If your asking me Saquon Barkley has been spectacular right from the very start of the season, and just so fun to watch. Penn State is 7-1 and is in the college football playoff conversation largely in part to him, which being on a good team will most certainly help his cause with the voters. I don’t think they will eventually have what it takes collectively to make the college football playoff, but when you have the best player on the field every week you always have a chance. Almost weekly it seems he has a moment where you say yup, their is his Heisman moment. Saquon will win the Heisman trophy award this season and will most certainly be deserving of the award. He will be an early pick in April’s draft, and I cant wait to watch him torment NFL defenses next season, except against the Pats of course.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio (donato05)

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