Russell Westbrook is NOT the Bad Guy Here

Russell Westbrook isn’t Completely in the Wrong

Russell Westbrook and the Jazz fans have become one of the NBA’s most interesting rivalries. This sparked last year in the playoffs when Russ got into it with a few of the fans. The Jazz faced Westbrook’s Thunder in the first round last year and defeated them in 6 games. The defeat combined with heckling Utah fans, made Russ snap. He smacked a fan’s phone out of his hands and received quite the backlash for it. Last night, he said something to a fan that has led to a bit more backlash.

The Incident

The incident occurred late in the game versus that Jazz in which the Thunder won by 9 points. A video recording shows Westbrook getting into it with a fan and he is noted saying “I’ll fuck you up. You and your wife”. Yikes! We need to figure that this fan said something that really got Russ going if he snapped like that. The alleged fan was interviewed after the game and said that all he said was for Russ to take a seat. Not too sure I’m buying that story, unless we can assume Russ has extreme anger issues. On top of not buying that story, the fans Twitter history leads me to believe he isn’t the most stand up guy either. A few of his tweets are posted below.

Westbrook’s Consequences

As you can see from Shane Keisel’s tweets, he’s not the kind of guy you want to bring home to the parents. He especially has it out for Westbrook for some reason that doesn’t seem clearly justified. But, hey, #MAGA. I’m kidding of course and think this man is a scumbag who should have gotten his teeth knocked in by Russ. Westbrook and other teammates have noted that the man yelled at Westbrook to get on his knees where he belongs. I personally would have snapped on him. Westbrook should not have threatened the man’s wife as well, but being fired up is certainly justified. I’m sure he’ll receive a fine for talking to the fan like that but he deserves a medal for staying as composed as he was.

Moral of the Story: The fan deserved worse than what Russell Westbrook gave him.

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