Rumors Are Wild Right Now That Rob Gronkowski May No Longer Be A Member Of The Patriots Very Soon

I’ve seen the rumor a couple of times now on Twitter, but I first saw this pop up via Davey Pageviews of Barstool Sports.

And I know a lot of people won’t give the Stool this kind of credit if this earth-shattering news does drop, but Portnoy is tied into the Patriots organization and there’s no disputing that. If you do, you’re a big-dumb-idiot who can’t fathom Barstool Sports wielding any power.

If something goes down today and Gronk ends up in another uniform, the Patriots A) Better get a HAUL in return and B) Better understand that this could push the greatest quarterback of all time to the brink of retirement.

What are we doing? I can’t handle this today. I’m on my lunch break at work and I was just trying to get some work on the website done. You know, just some in-house maintenance and now I’m hearing/seeing that the Patriots could have Gronk moved by the end of today.

Listen, if this does happen, I’ll be shocked but like, I guess not at the same time which makes no sense. I just can’t fathom a team trading away one of the most valuable players to ever step foot on a football field who has dominated his position since entering the league. I just can’t imagine losing key pieces over the offseason such as Danny Amendola, Malcolm Butler, and Dion Lewis and then trading away a focal point to your most recent winning past. This just can’t happen… Right?

But then again… Why couldn’t it? Now believe me, in my opinion, this would be the most high profile move ever made by Bill Belichick by far, but should we be rattled if this happens? Bill Belichick has shown no bias in who he trades or cuts since he began his tenure in New England. Logan Mankins. Richard Seymour. Lawyer Milloy.

And the most crucial piece of evidence in regards to this story… The Redditt user who beat everybody to the Julian Edelman PED story. Redditlover1981, is now saying that there is huge, negative Patriots news that he will be dropping tomorrow (Saturday) night… I can’t handle this.

14 hours ago from writing this, he posted this quote. “I’m the guy who broke the Edelman news last night…and I’ve got more MAJOR patriots news…”

Listen, I would easily just push this guy aside if he didn’t break the Jules story, obviously. But because he was able to put that out there confidently AND have it be proven correct makes my stomach twist into knots.

Rob Gronkowski is one of the most crucial players of the Patriots most recent success and again, has dominated every facet of the game since day one. But we need to remember who holds the NSYNC puppet strings around Gillette Stadium. Regardless of if he got bodied last year when forced to trade our sweet, sweet prince, Jimmy Garappolo, Bill still wields the power and might even feel as though that he lost some as well as some players in the locker room.

So how does he prove to the players that he is still the king with all of the power? It would be a hell of a move, but you trade Rob Gronkowski so everyone once again knows that absolutely nobody is safe if you go against the grain like Gronk has as of late.

Update: BUT, take all of this with a grain of salt. Because there’s also this from Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston who is very well tied in down in Foxborough.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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